TA Battalions for BAOR, 1985

On this Hansard page there's an overview of TA battalions that would reinforce BAOR in case of war, 1989.

I'm looking for the same sort of data for the year 1985, or as closely as possible to that year; in particular regarding those units not in 15 and 49 Inf Bde.

I do know that prior to 1989, 4 and 15 PARA were grouped with a third, yet to be identified, possibly Yorkshire TA battalion; their role was to defend the town of Hildesheim. They were especially trained in FIBUA for this. More on that can be found here. I'd be interested to know if there were any more formations like these.

Regarding that Hansard page, I also wonder what (Milan Pln) behind some of those units means. Does it mean that only these battalions had a Milan platoon, or that only Milan platoons were attached to those BAOR formations?

Any help appreciated.
One Bn missing fromthe list as they weren't part of 1 BR Corps but had a NATO role with the UKMLF was
1 Wessex who would have operated in north germany / denmark

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