TA Battalions for BAOR, 1985

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Java, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. On this Hansard page there's an overview of TA battalions that would reinforce BAOR in case of war, 1989.

    I'm looking for the same sort of data for the year 1985, or as closely as possible to that year; in particular regarding those units not in 15 and 49 Inf Bde.

    I do know that prior to 1989, 4 and 15 PARA were grouped with a third, yet to be identified, possibly Yorkshire TA battalion; their role was to defend the town of Hildesheim. They were especially trained in FIBUA for this. More on that can be found here. I'd be interested to know if there were any more formations like these.

    Regarding that Hansard page, I also wonder what (Milan Pln) behind some of those units means. Does it mean that only these battalions had a Milan platoon, or that only Milan platoons were attached to those BAOR formations?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    On the second point, my interpretation is that for example:

    2/51 Highland (Milan Pln) 4 Armd Div (11 Armd Bde)

    the mortar platoon of 2/51 Highland were attached to 11 Armd Bde and the rest of the battalion had a different GDP role, not listed here.
  3. Milan Pln, meant the Milan Pln from that Bn were detached to whatever place they were sent too. The Bn minus their Milan then had other tasks to perform.

    Note on the first Hansard page it names 1 Y & C. This is a reference to 1 Yorks which was for a very short time before it was formed going to be called something different from the rest of the Regiment. By the time the reorganised Bn came into being it was not called Yorkshire and Cleveland as proposed, but 1st Bn Yorkshire Volunteers (Cleveland). Just for the record only one Company bothered to put the Cleveland crap on its' notepaper or painted signs and that was due to a rather keen admin officer.
  4. Agreed on Milan Pl 2/51 HIGHLAND but the mortar plan was not detached during relevant period. You are right about the Bn (less Milan Pl) having a GDP role in Germany, although some publications of the time eg British Army pocketbook (and, by implication, Hansard!) said they were home defence.
  5. British Army pocket book was not an official publication but was done by a TA officer in 2 Yorks to try and educate the TA. A lot of regulars found it very useful too.

    Hope you are well !
  6. Very! And an excellent publication it was (is?). Rgds!
  7. Thanks gentlemen, for clearing that up.

    That British Army Pocket Book — would that be "The British Army: A Pocket Guide"?