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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by straggler, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just successfully completed my selection weekend at Grantham. Everything went well, generally, apart from the gym stuff. I'm reasonably fit as far as running goes (did the 1.5 mile run in 11.49) but I found the gym stuff really tough. I'm not going back to start my basic traing for a few months so I have time to do some gym work. Can anyone recommend a website that will give me a decent exercise regime? Or is there someone out there who can help?

  2. Depends what your trying to build, Get on the Royal Marines website, they do quite a good one which doesnt require any machines. Failing that get down to your local gym and speak to the resident instructors. Improve your run time while your at it.
  3. Hate to say it but th RM one is better, Good Luck anyway Straggler
  4. 11.49 is not an indication of being "reasonably fit" unless you're a woman or over 40. Even I manage 11 and I'm slow.

    What most people seem to struggle with is the CFT so I'd suggest you get the running worked on a bit and get some miles under your belt with a daysack at a quick walking pace. Work up to 4 miles in an hour with weights working up from 5 to 25 pounds (12 kg) and you'll be better placed than many when you start your training.

    The greater weights and longer distances required for a proper CFT will come in time.

    Circuit training is good if your local leisure centre offers it.
  5. do what ex-stab said plus press ups, sit-ups and running and push your self a little bit always try and go faster, do one or to more. if you go to the gym do cercuits. being able to bench press 100kgs will do you no good. the fitter you are the easyer you'll find the training.
  6. Um, are you sure? Try knocking at least 2 minutes off that time then you will be 'reasonably fit'.
    Concentrate on getting this time down and do lots of pressups and sit ups before you do your next stage of training and you'll be fine.

    Fitness in the TA is one of my gripes.
  7. Er, yes - I am over 40.

    What I should have said is that I'm reasonably confident about the running stuff as I did the 11.49 comfortably and have done 11.15 when training which is, so I'm told, fine for my age.

    But I am suffering when it comes to the gym stuff so I was just looking for some pointers on that. Thanks for the tips and the links. Don't have access to a gym so will concentrate on the running carrying weight, press ups, sit ups etc. I've got a few months before starting training so plenty of time to get my arse in gear, I hope!

    Just one more question - I was a bit worried about the hearing test as I had a mispent youth standing far too close to the speakers at gigs, riding motorbikes with no earplugs etc. Managed to pass the test ok but was told I'll have another one in three years time. If my hearing has deteriorated is that an automatic medical discharge?

  8. probably not.

    most of my mates spent their time on Herrick playing with Chinooks and Sea Kings without ear defence, firing GPMG and 50 without ear defence, day in day out. That stuff is real bad for your ears and none of them have been kicked out for it.
  9. If your 40 your main problem is going to be reaching the upper age limit rather than a hearing test?
  10. I'm told that I can serve until I'm 55...?
  11. I thought upper age limit was 43, I may be wrong thats why there was the ? Which role in the TA you going towards?
  12. I was told the upper age for joining was 43, then serving for 12 years. Sounds right to me as I can't see why the army would train me for 18 months and then kick me out.

    I'm going to the RLC at Grantham.
  13. Which unit? (If you dont mind me asking)
  14. Which unit? (If you dont mind me asking)[/quote]

    Postal and Courier.