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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bomb_burst, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. I have searched this subject, but most threads come from 2005ish and i am aware the course has changed quite a bit since then. Has anyone done the course within the last couple of years that could give me some advice?


  2. Hi mate, just done the Basic Course... ask away OG
  3. Awesome, thanks very much.

    I was hoping for a brief overview of the course, but advice as to the best preparation. I am concious that the firsdta nd most important part to nail is the entrance test; is the CFT a real b*tch with extreme undulation and plenty of 'shakeouts' or most at the march? Do you have to do nay ACFTs or OFTs? And clarification as to what the actual tests for entry are, including pass/ fail reasons for guys on the course (how easy is it to fail after the entry tests?). And there are so many different standards quoted; ie CEG weight or 25 kilos, U29 PFT or better than that etc???

    I am aiming at doing it in this summer, so still have a bit of preparation. A CFT holds no major dramas, and my PFT is usually in the region of 60/78/9:15. I will quite happily run 7/8 miles at 7.5 min miles every week no major dramas; any good? However i am aware the course will not simply be a PFT and a CFT; what can i do in the remaining time to best boost my performance on this course? Did you do it at ASPT?

    Any hints/ tips i may not even have thought about would also be most welcome!


  4. See here: Fitness - ARRSEpedia

    If you have anything useful to add once you return from the course (more details, tips, etc) please post it here and I will add it to the wiki.
  5. And how am i going to sit with a 9:15; back of the field?
  6. No problem with that time mate, we had a good few bods on mine runnng round in the 10.20 mark, breathing out their arrses! Sub 0945 is around the average, one lad did a 07.45 or something equally mental.
  7. heell, is the CFT a bergen only jobn or with the old webbing as well?

    How long ago did you do it,m and would you be able to advise on any of the above?

  8. Wish you luck with the summer course mate. My psi informed me it was full. Mind you he also said it was the only one this year (which I know not to be true).

  9. beer man - follow the link at post #5 for course dates.
  10. yeah there's xabout 5 courses so i would guess around 120 places going...anyone else had this problem???
  11. Never had a problem getting ours on the course. The RTC are pretty good at scheduling the Potential PTI weekends far enough in advance that those who pass the assessment get a place on the next course at ASPT.
  12. Bergen, no webbing with weapon, 8 miles with 25kg. I did it in 2005, one of my muckers did it last year and the entry standards are the same as when I did it.
  13. you carry a weapon but no webbing? Queer.... so 20 kg ish bergen +wpn ? Cheers
  14. Its something like (prepares to be corrected) 4kg for your rifle, 21kg in your bergen +water.