Is there a different BARB test used for TA and Regular army personnel. It's just I got a GTI score of 050 and thought that was pretty low considering i got individual scores of something in the region

1) 47/49
2) 21/22
3) 11/11
4) 8/9
5) 19/19

Whats the deal with that?

Maybe I'm overestimating my own ability just. :eek:

You may have got many of the questions right but a BARB Test judges not only accuracy but speed.
Therefor if you were slow then it would show in the overall score.
For example if Person 1 and 2 take the test and get exactly the same number of questions right but person 2 is fastest then he/she will get a higher score.

Edited to add: As its supposedly 'One Army' now the BARB the TA's have will be the same as the Regulars.
Yeah you're right, its just I was a bit confused whenever, before taking it my CSM said the highest score was 52?

I took my TA BARB test today at RSD!

I got roughly the same scores as yourself but because of my speed i hit a GTI of 82 pts!

I then got asked why I'm joing the Rifles LOL!!

It is the same for TA as it is for the regs although at the moment, so I'm told, it doesn't count for anything in the TA!!


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I must confess I didn't know the TA did a barb
I pitched up got shown round a sabre and asked if I fancied joining
Said Yes and that was it
I dont think there is a maximum score as the computer may give the person sitting the test more or less questions. Tbh im not sure how this bit works.
The TA has only recently started using the BARB Test in the last couple of years after the Government decided that they should have the same qualifications (for want of better word) as the regulars so the TAs could be deployed at any time with them. This is why we now have the slogan: 'One Army'.
Many TA units do not put much behind the BARB but I dont think you would get in if you didnt score high enough.

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