Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gunner_REMF, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. God I've heard some pathetic moaning about the BARB test for TA. We have started here in this neck of the woods and TA candidates attend the RTC for a One Day Selection, during which they are BARB tested. This morning the BARB room was set up tomorrows selection and just as a bit of fun my eldest son (age 9 and 3 quarters) attempted the BARB test and have a guess what?? .. GTI (General Trainability Index) of 38. Come on guys the minimum GTI requirement for Inf Soldier is 26. If potential TA recruits can't pass the BARB then they shouldn't be attested.

    rant over

  2. News to me, is this policy?
  3. No, not yet anyway, TA recruits are attending a central selection and taking the BARB in this Bde, however, I don't envisage this being policy until Jan 09 in line with O A R.

  4. Your nipper got 38 because :D he's not a "thick! Stokey!!

  5. All recruits in my brigade do the BARB at RSD and have to pass, this has been in since last Jan
  6. Are you stirring mate?!! (Would he have qualified for the Arty?!)
    I haven't seen any of the figures for the results, are they really coming out that poor? Are they using the same requirements as for the regs?
    What's coming out the other end of RSD seems to be generally okay (apart from the completely dyslexic lad who hadn't even been diagnosed with the issue, and wasn't picked up on RSD!). Phys is the biggest issue, but I've found that they either sort themselves out or go away quietly!
  7. Remember BARB doesn't test for IQ it tests for trainability, some guys have degres and struggle, from my experience street wise kids do a lot better.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yes all the tests at ASDC are the same for Regular and TA potential recruits. I agree that the physical standard is the weak point for most, though I've known a couple of instances of people being weeded out for other reasons concerning unsuitability.