TA BAOR 1989

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. TA BAOR 1989

    All oldies have a gander at this thread above. I'd just joined 8(Y)LI around that time from 3 WFR part of 54 Bde (Vikings), the TA at its largest size since the 60's.

    Curious as to which Sigs units did the comms for these Brigades.

    Also when did 54 Bde (part of Eastern District) get taken over by 49? Must have been before 92 when I became a polar(49).
  2. 81/82 when the TA and BAOR were reorganised. The previous set up was that Northern TA units came u/c North East District for admin but all had a war role and were part of whatever WE formation claimed them. 1Yorks were part of 5 Field Force, D Coy 7LI provided FP to Corps HQ etc.

    2 Div was brought back from Germany and re-roled with 1Regular Bde and two TA Bdes (the newly formed 15 and 49). 15 Bdes first Commander had a severe case of 'Shot himself in the foot syndrome' as his last job in the Army had been as Colonel AQ (DCOS to you young shavers) where he spent three years telling the TA Bns why they couldn't have kit. When he, to his surprise was made Commander of 15 Bde his pleas for kit were rebuffed by his successor as DCOS who quoted his own arguments as to why he couldn't have it.