TA banned from attending rememberance parade

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by misdameaner, Nov 9, 2010.

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  1. Right;
    Got to be a bit careful how I put this. [reasons will become clear].

    This Sunday for the first time in living memory, there will be no official army presents at the main rememberance parade on the Isle of Wight. The reason [allegedly] is that the [mainland based] CO of the last surviving unit on the isle has decided 'trade skills' training is more important.

    I have a dilemma here as to how much to rock the boat, [pun] suggestions [or helpful interference] welcome.

  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You don't have to go. Just make sure that they are neatly wrapped and well labelled and all should be OK.
  3. A few years ago my unit went orienteering on Remembrance Sunday.

    The next weekend we were told that the OC had received one hell of a bollocking from on high for taking us away from the Remembrance Service.

    Just a thought.
  4. Bad Drills. Your CO is a ****.
  5. isnt the TA unit there part of 3 PWRR?
  6. feeling mischevious today then?
  7. Pretty much sums it up.

    It may be too late but perhaps a letter or call from the local head honcho of the RBL to your CO or even better his boss may focus his mind. Out of interest what does your badge man think, can he influence him?
  8. My Regiment always seemed to bow to pressure from Brigade and organise training on the weekend of Cavalry Sunday. The then LtPlume made it absolutely clear why he would be marching around Hyde Park in a suit, bowler & with brolly not doing bone admin tasks on some training camp after a weekend of training which was only actually one full day.

    The then LtPlume took a very long time to become CaptPlume for some reason.

    BTW it's "Remembrance", you illiterate gnome!
  9. youre not exactly 'banned' from attending. Poor drills though arranging training over the weekend.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And your training only prevents you from attending that parade, not every parade. Are you sure that there is no intention to parade elsewhere? You know, whole unit together, focussing on the act of Remembrance rather than whose Town Hall/TA centre it is based in?
  11. We used to have a full days training Saturday or spent all day doing any jobs needed doing around the TAC, after a Friday night of Making sure uniform was immaculate. Sunday was all about the Parade and that was it. I think if training was organised for the weekend most would just not turn up and go to service in civvies.
  12. It has happened before when the Pln was in 2 Wessex. A new Regular CO wih poor briefing decided that the entire Bn would parade in Reading. The IOW boys were for not attending. Delicate negotiations followed with the result being that a delegation attended the IOW Remembrance and another ( small) team came to the mainland. Honour satisfied on both sides.

    IMHO your CoC need to brief the CO on the whole Community Engagement piece.

    That said, I shamelessly used Remembrance Sunday and training for it as a pawn when faced with another MTD cut. I said we would not be parading if we were not given two more days.....and won !

    ( I am a member of the "If its a formal parade the boys should be paid" club. Nothing mercenary about it, I just think its an immoral use of emotional blackmail to expect folk to turn up for nought or on CI etc. )
  13. Blanket stackers...
  14. Ive attended remembrance parades in a shed in Bosnia, in the desert and on sennybridge training area. Does it matter that you're not in the public eye? If yes you're attending for the wrong reasons.
  15. Last year your lot came over to the mainland and paraded together with all the rest of the Southampton lot. Are you sure that's not happening again this year?