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Hey guys, what's the policy on back pain and TA medical application? Ive read that recurrent pain or pain for more than 6 weeks is a P8, does this mean permanently unfit or can one re-apply after 12 / 24 months asymptomatic? There was a PDF I read somewhere that gave details on this but I cant seem to find it
01:53 on a Sunday morning is probably not the best time to post a medical query. I can't help with your query, but I'd be interested to know where you found that 6 weeks of back pain is a P8. I'm at the other end, about to be retired, and am just wondering if my upcoming age-related discharge is more convenient than putting me through a medical. I hasten to add that it's not a military injury so I'm not accusing anybody of trying to stiff me.
If your back pain has been treated by your GP and is on your medical records then declare it on your RG8, your Dr can then put his bit regarding your back pain etc your RG8 when returned to your TA unit will send it off for medical review, if there is any extra information required then they will write to you requesting this.

Do not try and blag the system as you will be found out, think about walking around with at least 15 kg on your back across uneven terrain would you back be able to withstand this?

I wouldn't try and blag the system no. My back pain wasn't overly severe, however it lasted a couple of months because i was trying to avoid the docs. The physio said it was scar tissue from a strain and gave me some basic exercises that cleared it up in a week and half. I've had no problems since, however I know the Army relate the duration and frequency of strains to whether it is likely to reoccur. I have no pains at all now, not in the slightest. I train at the gym 3 times a week, run twice a week and I regularly do hikes on uneven terrain with bergens. My friends and I recently finished a 23 mile trek with heavy bergens in our fatigues so I know it wouldnt cause a problem. Im just not sure what the Army's POV would be on this.

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