ta at pirbright!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikerchic, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. hi... just alittle thing to ask, as some of you know, im on my way to do my last 2 wks.. which i have found out is at pirbright, which i thought was goin to be granthem,,, i didnt think the TA went there,, this must be a new thing... or am i bein blonde... just wonderin if anyone has been there.. and what to expect on my last 2 wks ...

    many thanks...
  2. New thing as of Apr 1. All arms except Inf finish their training at Pirbright. And after my weekend at Granthem it will be a damm sight better for your 2 week stay
  3. Pirbright's a great little camp... but the Tabs up the Sand Hill are a bit cheeky!

    T C
  4. o my... something to look forward to huh... do you know what i will be doin on my last 2 wks....

    many thanks
  5. Lots of CBRN and a bunch of range packages. Beyond that I can't really say. Either way, it's nothing hard.

    T C
  6. Its just basically confirmation training of what you've learn't on Phases 1A and 1B. There shouldn't be a whole lot of new stuff in the training package.
  7. I did my 2 weeks at Pirbright.
    The food and accommodation is very good.

    Have fun on concrete hill !! :D
  8. ok... whats the hill...... shock horror to my face....
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It is a small bump that you will walk over very slowly. You will then come back and big time it all over the internet that you were thrashed over the seven sisters, sandy hill, concrete hill...or whatever made up name you have for the small bumps around Pirbright.
  10. :D
  11. Not all arms finish their training at Pirbright.
  12. I'll be there in May to do my phase 2. Can't come soon enough!
    Slightly off topic but it does annoy me that a lot of TA don't seem to get fit in their own time :roll: During phase 1A & B in PT there were very few times where I felt 'pushed'. A few decent runs wouldn't go amiss ;)
  13. when do you go to pirbright supermark500.. i go 2nd may
  14. Or they could just name them after the features on Long Valley, Aldershot where real beastings were issued out in the form of P Coy.
  15. It's said a lot, but take some zinc oxide tape for your feet. Even if you're a hard baastard. I'm not squeamish but the things I saw on one young lad's heels before he got sent home looked like something from a scene in Hostel.