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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by OLDMAN43, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. Hello first time on here need help.
    I am 43 joining the TA well joined the TA.
    but have lost my mojo to go.
    Last did a weekend in may got my first weekend this weekend
    Finding it hard to get my self going have been sworn in
    just can't get my self going.

    Grantham Rlc.
    is the place I have joined
  2. You're not the OC are you?
  3. Then leave.

    Edited to add: Sorry....a bit of a blunt answer, but it's not my job, or anyone elses on ARRSE to motivate you. You're a grown man...make your own decisions.

    I don't know what you're expecting to hear???
  4. Very good no I am a old fart who wants do the Army yet again.
  5. Perhaps you could take up crown green bowls instead? Just wear DPM :)
  6. You ARE the OC!
  7. Yes u are right just been a long time since may.................
  8. The guys at the TA Centre think you can still hack it at 43 and are actively encouraging you to attend and be part of their team. I would take that as greatly encouraging. If you didn't matter or they didn't think you could make a valid contribution they would have told you S*d off by now.

    As a slightly younger old fogey myself (albeit with 5 years regular and 12 years TA service) I take my tin hat off to you for having a go and I am sure that the other folks on here feel the same and would like to know how you get on and progress.

    Keep in touch and good luck.


  9. I'm 19, I do sometimes lose motivation too but to me that's just telling me to give it a break for a bit, we're only volunteers people need to understand that. As you've only just started recruit training I would stick it a bit longer, after you have passed basic it opens up a lot more (field live firing), adventure training so much more! I'm now doing my driving lessons through the TA, if you are positive your not interested anymore, kit in.
  10. food for thought I know what u say.
    think it is the waitng around
  11. Oldman,
    Get used to the waiting around
    Thats just the ARMY, reg or TA.
    Hats off to you, i went back at 37 and it damn near killed me
    but i'm just a slacker
  12. You are right my friend
  13. Stick with it... the more effort you put into the TA the more you will get out of it. I have been in 7 years and i have loved it, you will make some excellent mates and do things you would never normally do.
  14. The positive side of me would say stick with it, there is a whole lot of waiting around at the start but it is definitely worth it all once you are in.

    The negative part of me thinks that if you are losing your mojo and motivation at this stage of the game, perhaps it isn't for you?
  15. Thanks for the input