TA AT 43+ ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by anotherhill, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I am 43 and thinking of joining the ta now I have the time available.

    does anyone know if this is possible at my age? I did 6 years reg service from 81 to 87 , long time I know if possible I would be looking at a para or commando unit as I have kept reasonably fit .

    I did P coy all those years ago so I have a good idea of what I would be in for , just looking for some advice ,any thoughts lads or should I just bin this insane idea and get down the pub before its to late .
  2. If you have previous service and you are keen to join what's the harm in phoning your loacal unit and asking if you can pop in for a chat? Nothing. Do it.
  3. You are probably fitter than some of the busted sofas I have seen, I think the max age for rejoining is 36, however I may be wrong and with the manpower thingyy who knows give it a go pal
  4. You are wrong the max age for anyone is 43, with or without previous service

    AH, If you fancy paras however you might be barred due to age, not only for the obvious fitness thing but because of the extra cash they need to stump up to put you through such a thing when your career is pretty much going to be short.

    I will advise you to think very long and hard about starting from scratch at that sort of age. I joined late in life and had to jump through rings to be excused basic training, I did twice as much reg time than you and joined the year you left, I was out for about 5-6 yrs and a lot has changed, you have been out for 20, I remember what it was like then, we now have different uniforms, helmets, rifles, sleeping systems and webbing. near enough every skill or drill you learnt is ancient history.

    I'm not saying don't, just think about it
  5. >Thanks for that guys , some great advise there and yes I do realise that I would need to do basic and start from scratch .

    I would not expect to get out of anything due to the time I have been out.
    Listen,Learn,and take the bullshit! I suppose we still have that in the modern army ( great memories !) If the mindset is correct and fitness is there I would hope to be ok but I do realise that the TA of today is not an easy ride and the training is the same as the regs , has to be when working with the regs , as proved in the last few years.

    If I go ahead with this and get an old timers pass , I was thinking of Getting hold of some up to date manuals or dvd etc tactics, weapons even get my own webbing to train with and bergan .

    Being ex engineers and haveing a trade and doing it for the last 20 years hopefully this might help get a few points .
    Anyway thanks for the advise,top site .

  6. at 43 i dont know how you would be able to deal with the rest of the recruits you would be working with never mind the training staff who would be half your age, i would seriously have a good think. why not join the army cadets as an adult instructor, ( something to think about )
  7. Fourty BLOODY Three, does that not show that the Mod are really showing a very loose end?

    If you have no military experiance and have entered your 40's, why would you want to join, unless you have fallen out with your family, or made some drunken bet with your mates in the pub!

    Although at 43, I guess there is little or no chance of being sent into combat, more likely you be placed to release someone younger to go and fight. Your kids could be 20 +!

    And we think that conscription is not just around the corner? Even if it is a limited enlistment!

    Good on you pal for thinking, perhaps a chat with you local TA would help, but why should you help to drag this government out of the corner it has backed it self into, what with all the Defence Cuts, disbanding regiments and moth balling ships, their fault not yours!
  8. You have nothing to loose by contacting your local TA unit and having a chat with the people there.

    As to working with recruits (SUTs) half your age, I'm sure you can cope with that.

    The majority of your basic training Phase 1A and 1B will be conducted by your Brigade Regional Training Team, and I can asure you the instructors will not all be half your age, most will probably be older!

    Give it a go and good luck.
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    He does have experience though. Did 6 years and P Coy (don't know if he passed right enough but it's more than I've done).

    Why wouldn't the TA want him?
  10. Ex Sapper? With a trade? 43 and can work a computer and produce posts that have spelling, punctuation and paragraphs? Must be management or management material......

    Try this lot: http://www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/org/mwfv/index.htm

    Young blood is in short supply..... ;)

    The spelling's close enough, anyway.
  11. Hi, I may be able to help on this one as I too was in the paras 22 years ago and also thought about joining the TA at 43, and like you thought I’d really like the paras or marines. Well after going into the local careers office, them making calls etc I had an interview with the local regt, The Rifles, who were willing to give me a go.

    1st step a medical and lots of forms – all OK

    2nd step a day and half long selection weekend, lots of talks and physical tests – the main one being a 1.5 mile ‘best effort’ run.

    Now I’m on my 4th weekend of basic training and loving it! At least 20% of us are over 40 so you don’t feel alone.

    My only advice is use the fitness programs on the website http://www.armyfit.mod.uk/ to get your basic fitness up before the selection weekend, I did and am now finding the PT well within my abilities, plus it’s great to come in on a run ahead of half the others 20 years my junior!

    Best of luck