TA at 42

Its 10 years this year since I left after 15 years in the RLC as a Vehicle Specialist.
By the amount of time I now spend on You Tube watching some jammy sod or other driving around in various A vehicles, or crawling around in the dirt, it looks like Im longing for old times :oops:

Any thoughts or comments on joining the TA?

Im 42, live in the North East, qualified as an Adult Care Social Worker (DipHE) and now manage a team of social workers.

I dont know what it is :?
Rose tinted memories of good times maybe and would the TA fill the void.

Cheers all
Have a read of the TA Portal in the ARRSEpedia, esp this bit.

You could join a local RLC unit, or a nationally-recruited specialist unit.

You'll be fine, the cash is a bonus and if you fancy another Op tour, plenty of opportunities are available.
As I understand it the maximum age for joining is 43.
Get back in mate. you know you'll love it.
On the DIN that deals with the new TA engagements there's a footnote that says something like "all efforts should be made to encourage ex regulars to join the TA at age 42" or something very similar...
We had two people over 42 join an infantry Bn. One an ex para, the other a marathon runner. As long as you're still fit then go for it!
Well, Ive rang the recruiter number for 3MI(V) 4 times and no joy.
Answering machine that musnt work otherwise he would have got back to me surely :roll:
Good to see the efficiency of the commisioned ones continues.

Its obviously a test to assess stamina.
Are you calling: 020 7611 3912

i was on the piss at christmas with the guys from my old ta unit and got talking to a guy who i had nt met before and it turned out he was a 42 year old recruit who did nt have any military experience so there s your answerer go for it mate you know you want to :D ps do nt bother ringing some hotline just turn up at your local training centre preferably a royal engineer unit god bless em :D
I would turn up the Gateshead det but not sure about finding the place locked up. Also not sure about the size of the unit and if they will require anyone, possibly why they arent in a rush to get back to me.

Ill keep on trying the number , cheers anyway.
Got through on the above number and given the number for 25 Company (Yorks.) After being told the age limit was 35, the Capt relented at my protestations and went to Brigade. Got back to me advising he would invite me forward for an intial interview.
Progress :D

Also, doesnt anyone answer the telephone with unit, name, sir!!

I know ive been out ten years but.....
Just been for my initial interview and intro to the local det. All seems very interesting and the PSAO has indicated he will approve the next stage following my submitting my paper application. Happy enough. But he insists that I will be deployed once qualified.

Thats the bit Im not so happy about. Being out for ten after fifteen years service I cant consider going away again.

Ive read all of the stuff about grading your ability to go on tour, but Im not happy about being the only one in a detachment who declines to go on a tour. its hardly carrying your weight.

Can anyone give me practical experience of similar situations?
How likely is it that i would be given the call so to speak?
Do you think he is giving me worst case scenario to ensure that my 'late application' is a genuine one?

Cheers all
All mobilisations since Nov 05 have been voluntary.



msr said:
All mobilisations since Nov 05 have been voluntary.

But different units different attitudes towards mobilisation. If the unit you visited is one which places a great emphasis on deploying, then you may well feel out of place if you are unable to go.

It may pay you to ask a few more questions, and look around other units with a more UK based role.

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