TA as an entry route into the regular army

Hey folkes, I'm a member of the Irish Army Reserve (AR). Over here the AR is seen as an entry route into the Regular Army. People will join the AR and then later go into the Regular Army. The AR is seen as stepping stone and provides a taste of life in the Reg's.

Is it the Same for the TA and the Regular BA.
it can be but isn't used that much as people who join the TA tend to stay TA or join while they are waiting to go regular
You can do TA to regular but you will need to do ph2 of your training (assuming that you are a trained soldier in the TA), some do this if they are not sure about the whole Army thing. I would suggest anyone goes directly to the regular army and get your career going.
I know of lads who did an S Type attachment and were asked to stay on in the roles that they were doing - no phase 2 or further training - the TA courses they did were accepted but they would have had to start their seniority from scratch
Dimples said:
it can be but isn't used that much as people who join the TA tend to stay TA or join while they are waiting to go regular
This may have been true historically, but of late a lot of the young guys we have had come through recruiting in the TA have used it as a taster for regular service and have then gone on to apply for regular service.
Not so sure its a case of wanting to "wait" to join.. more of a case of some wanting to boost their confidence (especially the really young lads) and others not knowing exactly what they want as a trade in the regs..but still wanting to serve.

Don't know if its the same at other units, but ours support the "One Army" recruiting drive all the way.
How would it be affected by the new higher age limits for joining the TA? I.e. someone joins as a thirty something which is too old for Regs, but then wants to go Regular? Would it be a no-no or if the bod was good at his job would it be OK?


There are no hard and fast rules. As The Daddy has said, it is not unknown for people to convert S type to regular contracts. It is also not unknown for people to be sent back to complete basic training.

From my experience, if you are young enough, it is better to do the full training to avoid any future issues arising from "back door" entry (fnar, fnar).

If you are too old to do that, then your career options may be limited by age rather than route of entry.

TA as an insight into the army before going regular? Very useful if you are undecided or delay entry for some reason, waste of time if you are set on a military career and have no reason to delay.

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