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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Pte_bla_bla, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. hiya all, im applying for my first real job (about blood time lol) so i dont realy have any work related references to put on my CV, so i was wondering if i could put the TA down as a reference or will that be breaking code of conduct.
  2. Do it, as an employer I'd value knowing and view it positively (obviously)
  3. It might be breaking any chances of you getting a job. Unless you have specific trade skill transferable to the job you are applying for, I would suggest as a young lad you are best leaving it off the CV, and perhaps raising it in interview if you are running out of b*llshit :D
    Edited to add- At a certain point I think you have to declare that you are TA. Leave that for when you get the job though mate.
  4. Craft each CV according to the job.
  5. If you don't tell your employer at interview that you are in the TA, and they subsequently find out (it is compulsory to inform them), they may have grounds for dismissal - and you will certainly be deemed to have lied by omission.

    If the employer is a big company, it may have a positive attitude towards service in the volunteer organisations (not just TA, but St Johns, police specials etc). It might be worth finding out beforehand from the HR department (have a mate ring up).

    If it is a small firm, think about what impact your absence might have on the colleagues you leave behind if you are mobilised. What might the firm's attitude be then?

    Talk to your local SABRE rep for more info. And good luck for the job.