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Am just curious has anyone else ex reg or not, on trying to login to proceed with your application been met with a continuous 'Sorry we are unable to proceed with your request' message? I've been on phone to Capita no help there, I have tried 3 browsers, emailed the site managers no reply of course, am wondering if this is not an isolated case and has anyone been successful in last week or so with logging in?
Hello mate, yeah i'm having the same drama. I visited the unit I wished to join yesterday and was advised to apply online due to recruitment being out sourced. This is gonna make the whole process slow and laborious as due to being out less than a year, with my medical still in date, if it was done through the old system it would have been a case of getting my med-docs from APC Glasgow and re-attesting.
Pain in my anus!...
Sorry to hear you've fallen foul to the shit site as well. Don't bother calling CAPITA like I have (twice) they are ******* useless and can't help. Yeah I spoke to the unit I wished to join, they said the same, it's all online. I've emailed the IT geeks who run the site and the turds haven't got back to me either.
Are you having problems as in trying to set up an account on their website or submitting your finished application online? I can still log onto my account online... :/

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Set up account no problem, logged in 1st time no problem, did the initial personal details stuff, then when I went to proceed with the Application...Sorry Error blah blah. Been this way for two weeks +. I've tried 3 browsers, deleting cookies, history, Spoke to CAPITA (useless), AFCO (they said site is shit), and emailed the turds who maintain site..**** all reply. If you've got any tips then post them as there's tons of people in same situation. Cheers.
Just wanted to add that I am having the exact same issues and have also tried all browsers, deleting cookies etc and still no luck. At least it's not just me then.

I've now tried 2 laptops using 3 browsers and the iPad and still no luck so I'm confident it's the site with the problem.
I wonder what Capita are saying about it? I haven't submitted mine yet... but if there is an error message - you could copy and paste the message onto google and see what that error message means... then let us know what it says.

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I've spoken to CAPITA twice about this issue, they don't have a ******* clue what's going on and their advice was/is...er keep trying. I've emailed the company responsible and heard **** all back. I've emailed Army Jobs via FB and they were useless, the AFCO said Capita are shite, the process is all over the shop at the moment. It's nearly a month now it's been down, that's not ******* good enough. I'm surprised there hasn't been more complaints on here about it, then again maybe we're the handful who can be arsed to join lol.
Slightly off topic but my application did go through on the site at the beginning of April but so far I've not heard anything, what's the expected processing time from submitting to getting a response? And how does it all work? I've previously completed AFCO4, RG8 etc which were ready to submit but then I was told to scrap them for the new process, and they were a lot more comprehensive than the online form, do you get a more detailed form if you get past the first stage? My application process started ages ago but due to past problems (see my first ever arrse post) it's a bit 50/50 if I'll be accepted, and I just want to know now so I can either get stuck in or move on.
I spoke to someone online last week and they said you submit your application online and then they will send you an email with a medical questionnaire attached for you to pass it onto your GP to complete... then when completed they will arrange for you to come in for an interview and to see an army doctor which will take 20 minutes. If you pass the medical then they will take your application further and arrange a date for you to attend selection.... if you don't pass the medical then they won't take your application any further (they didn't mention about the BARB test, so I guess you probably do that at the interview?) but that's all they told me on army chat online.

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