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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Luton_Van, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi. First time poster on here. Decided recently to take the plunge and go for the TA. I specifically want to train as an armourer. I went to speak to my local REME TA and they said they had enough armourers at the moment so it was unlikely they could train me for a couple of years. Was offered Recy mech instead as I have been a class 1 driver for several years, or VM. I was told I could dual trade when a position for armourer came up. Not keen on that as I'm fed up with driving lorries but on the other hand I could live with it as the training means access to mucho money in civvy recovery jobs. But thats not the reason I want to join.
    Out of interest I went to see the Engineers too. I grew up on a farm and worked in construction before so heavy plant does not interest me now. I want something different.

    Thats what made me consider the Infantry. I'm not unfit so can easily get up to standard. The whole learning of warcraft thing attracts me too. I was impressd with my local Inf place (RWR B Coy Swansea). The friendly young Officer I met said they will have lots of Javelin anti tank weapons I can play with when qualified. So far so good. I know the armourer role is a REME thing but when I told them I was keen to train as one, he went and asked the Captain who said it was a possibility that I could be trained 'in house'. It was unclear as to whether I would have a REME or Inf cap badge?

    I'm still making my mind up as to who to go for. I could settle for either the REME or Infantry role but at the moment Infantry is looking attractive even if I don't get trained as an armourer. I'm not keen on REME as I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and already up to my b***s in engines and other assorted vehicle parts, unless the armourer role was there to have.

    How long does it take to train as an armourer in the TA considering I intend to give a 2 - 3 weekend a month commitment and would be up for as many two week camps as is possible during the summer?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I have sent a PM to you .......
  3. Hopefully Boney has answered your questions. If not, give me a shout and I should be able to help.
  4. Just be warned that there isn't a whole lot for an armourer to do to Javelin (and it isn't certain when it will be issued to the TA). It isn't like MILAN; nearly all the training will be done with the simulator and for the forseeable future the only live firing will be done for the benefit of the coneheads so that they can collect performance data.

    As unit armourer, I have a feeling that most of your tasks will revolve around small arms. Even with MILAN I don't think the unit armourer came anywhere near the firing posts.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've been talking to everyone I could find in my Uni who has TA/Reg Army experience including an Ex Reg Captain and a REME TA Staff Sergent. General consensus seems to be that the armourer job is only open to TA members who got their trade while in the Reg Army :(

    I'll see what Boney says when he gets back to me but I'm pretty much resigned to the fact now. I'm off to the RWR in Swansea again for some form filling tomorrow night and I'll see if I can possibly get a definitive answer from them.

    Does anybody have any recommendations for what else I might chose to do. I'd really appreciate if someone could give me the lowdown on what the other Infantry roles are like. I would like to eventually do the sniper sharpshooter course but was led to believe that it wasn't one of the roles that my future Coy uses. Buggr!

    Any info appreciated.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Worry less.

    Get through recruit training, get yourself a good name as a keen and enthusiastic good attender, then the world is your oyster.

  7. What a load of pump. Do as MSR says, get known for being a top lad and don't take no for an answer. When I first joined:

    "So Private Stabtiffy2B, you want to be this crap trade."
    "Actually Sir, it's Craftsman and I want to be a REME Armourer".

    Next Day:

    "So Private Stabtiffy2B, you want to be this crap trade."
    "Actually Sir, it's Craftsman and I told you yesterday that I want to be a REME Armourer".

    This goes on for a few Drill Nights until they get the point :wink:
  8. Thanks for all the advice. You will hopefully be happy to hear that I have gone and put my money where my mouth is and signed on the dotted line. I've committed to joining my local REME based in Blackpill near Swansea. My trade will be Recy Mech with the possibility of dual trading as an armourer if/when the position comes up. The armourer position was described as "filling a dead mans shoes". Now I don't wish to kill anyone but I hope the chance will come up. Even if it doesn't happen I'm sure the experiences I get in the REME will be all good (some no doubt in retrospect ;) ).
  9. Good man. That's what we like to hear, recruiting aided by arrse.

    Just remember to start scoffing those pies, if you want to be a Reccy Mech. :D
  10. And start collecting a vast stash of Frankie Vaughn.
    To Share around with your new REME buds. :)
  11. It's not that difficult to get on the REME armourers class 3 course or so I'm led to believe. Was thinking of doing it myself one day, got told I HAD to be REME but then heard that was a load of b0lloxs.

    Anyone enlighten me on the facts. I'm a bleep/scallyback/Signaller incidently.
  12. Checked this one out on Tues,And you do have to be in the REME to do the course,
    Although the REME armourer i talked to about it came from the times of Crimea.So things may of changed.
  13. Yes you do have to be REME to be an Armourer.
    Unless it's changed in the last year or so, the training route is:
    Once qualified as Trained Soldier,
    Class 3 course (two weeks at SEME). Two years in trade.
    Class 2 course (two weeks at SEME). Two years in trade.
    Class 1 course (two weeks at SEME). Carry on.
    Corse content has changed much in last few years, so can't comment (not sure I should any way, but..). There are "Start Standards" to master before course's can be attended and I believe these are now assessed on day one of the course. Failure = RTU.

    Best job in the Corps! :)
  14. Phase 1 Training
    Start Standards Mod 1+2 Generic
    Start Standards Mod 3 Armourer
    Class 3 (2 weeks SEME) ONE year at trade.
    Class 2 (2 weeks SEME) TWO years at trade.
    Class 1 (2 weeks SEME)

    So from passing phase 1 to class one, could be done in 3 years!!
  15. 307

    307 War Hero

    You can capbadge REME within a non REME unit, 2 of my mates have done so and are on their way. Word to the wise though, their training has been kind of slow coming, they are doing a lot in house on the SA80 and also the light guns but don't think either of them have been on their trade courses, but then again 2 of the 3 REME blokes seem to be out to proove they're 'ard and have been focused on passing P-Coy, Personally mate, I would have gone for the inf. with the high likelihood they would be laughing at having another armourer on hand. Can never have too many armourers where the A1 is still being used. I think personally, you would have probably gotten more out of going inf. and then trading up as an armourer, you would have the best of both worlds, a sound understanding of the essential soldiering skills, can shoot to save your life as you one day may need to and will not be bored on ex. because I have to say it, what the hell does a reccy mech. ex. involve? Arty go out and get drilled on their gunnery, armour goes out and does their gunnery and manoeuveres, inf. go and attack things, RE build bridges or blow up bridges, REME...........practice fixing things?what? I am not baiting I just gen don't understand what they could do on ex?