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Hi guys

I had my interview today about joining the TA and am giving some serious though to the roles that are on offer. I think I am best suited to and would mostly enjoy the role of Armourer but before I make any decisions (ignoring the fact that I have ages yet anyway) I wondered if there where any TA Armourers on here?

I have read up about them from as many sources as I can find but they are all from regular stand point and was wondering if I could get some input from TA guys (or from anyone who has worked with them)

What basically concerns me is that the Armourer is a versatile role and naturally that means a lot of training is needed. The general idea regarding the TA is that they arent trained to the same standards as their regular counterparts. (On paper they are but it is generally assumed that they dont recieve the same quality or amount of training)

I am a hard worker and think if a job is worth doing then its worth doing right or not at all. As far as training goes I will be commited but if the TA training isnt gonna prepare me properly for my task in the field is there any point in bothering? I dont wanna go out there thinking I am capable at my role to find out that actually all I am good for is making the tea and holding the regular's Spanners (see what i did there?)

This goes for the combat side of things too, the guy I spoke to at recruitment basically told me that the odds of me seing combat in this role are very very slim, stories on this forum seem to contradict that. Now IMO you join the army as a soldier and there is no point kidding youreself that you wont be expected to do some of the footwork so I am ok with combat. What I dont want however is to be let off through training given a rifle and a slap on the ass with a 'go get em soldier'. I am fine with the knowledge I will need to fight but only if they have prepared me properly. The deal is they train me properly and I go out there and do the job they pay me to do, if I am not trained properly then I am endangering myself and the people I am with.

Basically what I am aksing is -

What is it like being a TA Armourer on tour?

What is the standard of training I can expect to recieve (both trade and basic)? If you are regular and have worked with TA Armourers what was your opinion of them and if you are a TA Armourer what kind of training did you get, did you feel confident that it had prepared you for all the situations you faced?

Thanks for any replies
cheers for that lol. I have searched the forum, and the wiki and it has answered most of my questions. You cant blame me for wanting some responsed from those doing the job or with experience in the area when there are lines like this on the description

'Armourers are brave, handsome, intelligent, bronzed beach gods and bloody modest to boot'
yea, the bloke i spoke to told me a fair bit, I just gotta fill my paperwork out first. I just thought id ask on here before I jump in, dont mind lookin a twat on here lol. What got me worried about the training is that I saw on the news they where gonna be replacing regulars with TA en masse, or are at least considering it, quite frankly I dont wanna go out there unprepared.

The explanations I was given in the meeting however seemed a little 'too' good, made it sound like I would be the chosen one and would be kept out of danger a smuch as possible. I would have believed him too had I not done research beforehand on here and got some contradicting views.
Watson me old mate, lets just say that you were joining a formula 1 team as a vehicle fitter. Would you expect to have to drive the vehicle in a real life race due to a shortage of drivers?

Point I'm making is that you should be a little less cynical about what you've been told by the ACIO as to the role of an Armourer.

As a TA armourer - who would then become a full time TA Bod when on tour, you have next to FA chance of seeing combat. If any armourers on here have fired a shot in anger except as part of a general cabby into the Ulu when the FOB or convoy got attacked, I'd like to hear it, but I do stand to be corrected and fair play to those that have.

There is a degree of danger while travelling, due to variety of IEDs, etc. I suppose that you could be in a convoy/road move that took rounds or in a Helo that got hit and/or had to make a forced landing, but please don't imagine that you are likely to be patrolling or getting into fire fights.

If, by some chance, you are in a FOB and bored shitless, and the troops need numbers on the ground (to help carry kit) then you may be allowed out with them, but more often than not, if you have a few spare hours, you'll be manning a sanger (which does also have some some risk)

Chances are you will be busy fixing all the things that the toms break, it's not just weapons that will require your repairers skills.

Bottom line is that they have infantry and infantry roled troops for the serious fighting mate. You'll given enough weapon training to get you through what you're likely to face and then it's up to you to get on the firing point/ Ranges as often as you can....when not fixing things.

Don't have visions of being made to 'storm enemy bunkers and throw grenades' ala John Wayne, that's reserved for the good looking Inf/Inf Roled Bods.

To be honest, you'll have to pass the course first mate, which is never a 'given' by any means but I'd like to know what contradicting views you got re the TA Armourers job. The Reg Armourers will more than happy to let you get your hands dirty, truth is that you may be on your own anyway so you won't just be there to make their brews

Good luck, btw, what's your civvy job?
Don't have visions of being made to 'storm enemy bunkers and throw grenades' ala John Wayne, that's reserved for the good looking Inf/Inf Roled Bods.

.....but if you want to "storm enemy bunkers" and the lads in the Company/Squadron know you and trust you and your abilities...........

...I'm talking about 20 + years ago, I don't know whether the above is possible nowdays.
Have a chat with CC_TA on here who has done it TA and Reg.........hes a bit hard of hearing and smells funny but he isn't a bad lad.
Have a chat with CC_TA on here who has done it TA and Reg.........hes a bit hard of hearing and smells funny but he isn't a bad lad.
Nail - head - hit! - Cheers Iron! :)

Watson, I shall have a read of your original post and try to sort you out some advice once my brain kicks in - Any specific queries; drop me a PM.
Haha, thanks for the replies guys. I wil start from the begining.

I wne to careers office and they gave me info and said go to REME and ask your questions. I went down the local REME reg and the bloke (I will say 'bloke' for now as I'm still a 'civvy' so no idea whyat rank he was, though it was quite high / ish as I recall). He answered my questions but basically said that I would be in the minimum amount of danger. I thought that sounded ok (for various personal reasons I cant really do a combat specific role, The left handed SA80 mod makes it a possibility for me but my gf then put a total stamp out on that so that put the kibosh on any visions of my daring heroism on the field lol) The way he made it sound was that Armourer was a safe and valued role but it sounded too good to be true. I searched on here and found a few stories of how Armourers have been sent on patrol and got into some serious shit and so on. Basically the Armourer is the man of choice to make up the numbers on any team as you are naturally trained in the use of all weapons in use on the gorund. I asked this question to try and get a general 'feel' for the role as you can never take eveyrthing you hear on arrse to heart.

I basically started being dubious to what was said to me as the TA need members, its no mystery so naturally its in their best interests to tell me what i want to hear to get me in the doors. I didnt think hed lied to me, but i thought he may be bending the truth so i had to make sure.

He did say a few of his guys have been out and gone on patrol but only as the 3rd guy or something as the obviously wouldnt trust him with the important positions, he also added that all his guys have been deployed to the main areas like bastion and so on so even when they are on patrol they arent fron line.

Thanks a lot for replying, you have set my mind at ease tbh. I just wanted a clear answer tbh lol. I think the reason not many TA make it to be Armoureres is that the training takes a while. I hope I can make it tbh as I am really looking forward to starting.
End of the day I dont really mind what I get told to do long as I have proper training to support it, otherwise I really will be just a weekend warrior goin out into a combat zone with nowt but a rifle and balls of steal to back me up.

My civvy job btw is a Team leader (supervisor) at a supermarket but thats 'part time' as ir ecently left uni. I make 3D assets for video games as my hobby / soon to be career if i have owt to do with it. I make anything from weapons - vehicles - environments - characters. I also animate them and do particle effects and all sorts really.

- This section has been removed as now I am sober it reads as bollocks -

CC_TA I will defo send you a message mate, thanks for the offer. I wont bother you till tomorow tho when im sober haha


Wah senses.........tingling.

You could be right?.........I like the bit when he spoke about for 'personal reasons, I can't really do a combat specific role''....what, like trying not to get shot? or maybe he's a vegetarian conchie?....then he mentioned the 'left handed mod' for the rifle.....bet he gets to chose what colour he wants too?....still, at least he can ask his gf if it's alright to go out into the wet and cold without a scarf or if he's too tired......

Think that he better stick to COD4/Super Mario less he breaks a fingernail and his gf gets cross with him.
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