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Discussion in 'REME' started by Watson, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys

    I had my interview today about joining the TA and am giving some serious though to the roles that are on offer. I think I am best suited to and would mostly enjoy the role of Armourer but before I make any decisions (ignoring the fact that I have ages yet anyway) I wondered if there where any TA Armourers on here?

    I have read up about them from as many sources as I can find but they are all from regular stand point and was wondering if I could get some input from TA guys (or from anyone who has worked with them)

    What basically concerns me is that the Armourer is a versatile role and naturally that means a lot of training is needed. The general idea regarding the TA is that they arent trained to the same standards as their regular counterparts. (On paper they are but it is generally assumed that they dont recieve the same quality or amount of training)

    I am a hard worker and think if a job is worth doing then its worth doing right or not at all. As far as training goes I will be commited but if the TA training isnt gonna prepare me properly for my task in the field is there any point in bothering? I dont wanna go out there thinking I am capable at my role to find out that actually all I am good for is making the tea and holding the regular's Spanners (see what i did there?)

    This goes for the combat side of things too, the guy I spoke to at recruitment basically told me that the odds of me seing combat in this role are very very slim, stories on this forum seem to contradict that. Now IMO you join the army as a soldier and there is no point kidding youreself that you wont be expected to do some of the footwork so I am ok with combat. What I dont want however is to be let off through training given a rifle and a slap on the ass with a 'go get em soldier'. I am fine with the knowledge I will need to fight but only if they have prepared me properly. The deal is they train me properly and I go out there and do the job they pay me to do, if I am not trained properly then I am endangering myself and the people I am with.

    Basically what I am aksing is -

    What is it like being a TA Armourer on tour?

    What is the standard of training I can expect to recieve (both trade and basic)? If you are regular and have worked with TA Armourers what was your opinion of them and if you are a TA Armourer what kind of training did you get, did you feel confident that it had prepared you for all the situations you faced?

    Thanks for any replies, I am gonna drop this thread into the TA section too to try and hit more traffic as its not really got any on here. If one of the mods want to delete one of em I would apreciate it.
  2. Why not just join the regs?

    The thing is with armourers at the minute is because Class 1 armourers are so undermanned there protected, so you may find your ASM isnt going to want you going out on foot patrols every other day.

    Never met a TA armourer, just reg ones. Can be complete opposite ends of the spectrum, some realy weird geeky types and some raging crazy alcoholics.
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  3. lol, thanks for the reply. I got some answers on the TA forum so feeling a bit more certain about my decisions.
    Also Im an alcoholic nerdy so hopefully should slot right in!
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  4. Very concise and to the point Rizzle, sums them up perfectly!
    I never saw a VM with posters of Land Rovers on his walls. Nor Fodens for the Recy Mechs.
    Even the techs didn't have pictures of soldering irons and toy screwdrivers up, but you know you've entered the world of the geeky cellar dweller when the tiny spaces between the many posters of the various small arms used by some of the more exotic armies in the world are filled with Dungeons and Dragons and Pokemon cards.
    I much preferred the escapades of the raging crazy alcoholic armourer, even though none of them can speak English after a sniff of a Carlsberg.
  5. CC_TA has been both and with his scitzo side has proved to be both geeky and crazy so for once A_R your spot on.
  6. Plus he's an alcoholic of the highest order. His kidneys hate him. :)