TA are douche bags

Has anyone seen this on ldmpc.org website's guestbook ??

You joined this site to tell us about someone parking a bedford on some wet grass.

Douche? are you a spam?

Jog on
I agree with pebs....whats the fuss about the stabs parking in a field? Its a fucking field you dullard, its not as if it was the village green. If the owner of the field wasn't happy about a bunch of stabs parking on his field he shouldn't have let them park there. If he didn't know what would happen when trucks go on wet fields he should be owning the field.
I imagine having a douchebag can be very handy. I could think of dozen of times where a douchebag would have been a very welcoming refreshment. The 3rd pic seems to illustrate that it can be used as catheter prior to showering.
super-solar-shower.jpg 27-DSC_0165.JPG P1000499.JPG
Well I am enjoying my crayoning session..although I am being very civilised and not using naughty words.

Perhaps "Irene" should visit T in the Park this weekend..she would be outraged that people spend £200 for a weekend of rolling in the mud.
Mike Golden and Jimbo have just shown up offering to guard the field and bash up the Stabs.
I'm getting the hang of this guestbook malarky :)

and me- i think we should invite IRENE onto arrse-she the sort of one tracked-biggoted-thickas a plank-lesbian one eyed twat that we need to balance out the one-tracked-biggoted-thickas a plank non lesbian one eyed twats that weve got at the moment !!
It's all te Queen's fault according to Peter Dow. ;-)
Looks like it, but hes also got his mobile number and home e-mail under his mugshot in the councillors tab. The daft twat.
That's going too far.

The idea is to take the p*ss a bit not harass some poor bugger who is just doing his job.

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