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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tog256, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Can someone be as kind to tell me how long a TA applicaton takes to process? Bearing in mind ive been in the forces as recruit before, and was MedDis (all is now healed) so they will have to request my med docs or something.

    Will it take weeks or months?

  2. No real set time frame. The TA Unit will have to submit a Special Enlistment Form with your paperwork and get your previous Service Records. Take all your Discharge Paperwork with you when you visit the TA Centre.

    The sooner you start the ball rolling the quicker the process could be . . .

    Good luck.

    Edited for spelling!
  3. Cheers for that

    Another question though, if your a student, you cannot be compulsary mobilized if under full time education. Can someone tell me how many hours of study a week full time education is? Because im doing 13 hours now per week and dont want to be mobilized during this course. Thanks
  4. they'll probably give you a deferral until your grammar has improved ;)
  5. Well its not as if im writing A-level english is it now, or is writing in that style compulary? If you want better written text you can come here and do it for me.
  6. You are registered with your university as either a full time or a part time student. It really doesn't matter how many hours you're doing, it's down to what you're down on paper as. For example, I knew people in "full-time" education who only had 5 hours of lectures per week, but were expected to work part time in a job related to their field of study. I also knew "part-time" students doing their PhD in the evenings and weekends who probably did a full working week in the lab on top of a 9 to 5 job.
  7. As a student you're actually NOT exempt from being complusorily mobilised. However, they'll be sensible in whether to ask you to go. Most of the TA exercise what's called Intelligent Mobilisation, which means they will choose the most suitable and available soldier to mobilise, and as a student you're normally right at the bottom of the call-out list, along with people like ... single parents, those who've just started a new job.

    As far as I've heard, I've not heard of a single student who was mobilised against his will. If you are mobilised as a student, the university/college can appeal against your compulsory mobilisation, and usually, education institutes win.
  8. not least because all mobilisation is VOLUNTARY!!
  9. I thought under the act 1996 bla bla bla, you have to go if called upon, am I wrong? and that if you are called up and say no you go to jail, am I wrong again?
  10. You indicate to your unit, how willing you are to go, if you tell them you want to go, you will then be compulsary mobilized, this is done in order to protect your job etc.
  11. Yes and no. And as that's not very helpful read on for the detail.

    If you're called up in peacetime (legal definition of peacetime, unrelated to the chances of being shot at) then you and/or your employer can appeal against the decision. You can only appeal for certain pre-defined reasons rather than anything you can think of. Being a student is one of the acceptable reasons to appeal, as is sole care of an invalid etc etc as defined in the various booklets you should get.

    To date most who appeal succeed, soldier and employer both, but that is not guaranteed and may of course change in the future. That said, the appeal system is there to protect the soldier and protect the Army - after all, who wants a soldier whose life is an admin vortex in a trench next to them when they could have had someone else instead ?

    After the cluster that was the early Telics where many who wanted to go didn't and many who didn't did - with consequent admin problems - the management came up with "intelligent mobilisation". This radical new concept involved asking everyone "Do you want to go ?" Mobilisation then takes those who say yes first.

    In wartime of course then everyone goes with no appeals.

    So, if you're called up, lose your appeal and don't turn up then you will be arrested and charged. The chances of that happening are pretty slim if life stays as it is now. As to the future, your guess is as good as mine.