TA application while waiting for Main Board.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by sd8995, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just a quick, if somewhat convoluted question.

    I’m currently going through regular officer recruiting process, with AOSB Main Board at the start of August. I have been advised that with the current intakes I’ll be luckly to get on a CC in January, so more likely looking at March 2013. As a result I’ve also been looking at becoming a TA soldier in the interim, and have now passed ASDC, and so could in theory be attested on Tuesday.


    In order not to have my AOSB paperwork listing a TA soldier application, I submitted my Officer application first, then the TA OR application a few weeks later, with the idea that once the paperwork came through I’d have done Main Board, and either way then be able to start with the TA straight away as either a short or long term commitment.

    As it turns out the TA paperwork has come through quickly, and while I am keen to be attested now, then wait for my army number and start the first few weekends now, I have thought of one potential admin issue: if I do get attested now, and then go onto medical at mainboard in a few weeks, will it create problems? I would strictly speaking be a serving soldier (on paper), but AOSB won’t know this, so it could create problems with having the results of a ‘civilian’ medical added to what is already a serving medical record? If this is the case I could then envisage more (understandable) confusion over what’s going on, and end up looking like I’m trying to cover up previous medicals or service, which I’m not at all.

    I appreciate that in the greater scheme of things my anxious handwringing is pretty minor, but I would like to be able to start training as soon as possible, while not creating problems for AOSB or Glasgow, or indeed for myself if I end up with multiple paper trails leading off in different directions.

    Without wishing to pre-empt anyone, while I appreciate the wisdom of using the time before (hopefully attending) Sandhurst to enjoy myself outside of the Army, I’ve been doing that for the last few years and really want a new challenge as soon as possible. Also, the TA unit are aware of my AOSB situation, seemed keen to get another bod for 7/12 months, with the possibility that should I be unsuccessful they may end up with a soldier for significantly longer. I have tried unsuccessfully to get through to the Board Medical cell, but would also rather hear people's thoughts here before wading in.

    Any advice/thoughts/categoric answers will be gratefully accepted!

  2. How did you try to contact the Board's medical cell?