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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Steviee, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Do the TA do foreign background checks on dual citizens? Obviously I have a clear record since I got citizenship in the 1st place, but if I served in a foreign service and didn't disclose it on the application, would they be able to check&find out?
  2. Come clean when you apply, disclose everything.

    Where's your integrity?
  3. Oh I have it but comes down to whether or not I'll get in or not. I explained a while back in another thread that I served in the U.S Army, and received an Honourable Discharge, but by reason of a Personality Disorder. They'll see it on my Discharge Certificate if I tell them I've served before which might Red-flag me(in the States a Personality Disorder carries an RE-4 which means 'not recommended for re-enlistment) and I don't want to go through all of the bother of putting my boss and other references down if there's a chance they won't accept me. I'll get in lickity split otherwise if it's not disclosed.
  4. As someone has already mentioned; integrity.Also, have you considered that you may not be fit for re-enlistment ?
  5. If you were unfit for the US Army with a Personality Disorder what makes you think the British Army will be different?
  6. You have to be a full on window licker who wanks in his own shit to get booted out of the guard so no I don't think the TA will be terribly keen either.
  7. No I wasn't in the Guard, I was Regular Army Infantry for 2 years. I'm not unfit now&wasn't then as I think it was a bogus discharge. Like many people I just didn't like the sound of a bunch of dudes snoring so I'd sleep on the catwalk outside our room at night, and missed firewatch one night in the field when I dragged my bag outside formation to get some quiet, and then I was put through for separation because of it. I've never had to see anyone because of it, never taken medication or anything, and married life has gotten me pretty used to snoring. I mean no disrespect as well but unless deployed TA life should be a little different than Regular life as it's part time&I won't be sleeping in a room with four dudes every night like I was then, and plus had I'd have known sleeping outside would have lead to a discharge I would have just got some damn ear plugs or something.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I would suspect you may fall foul of TA Regs:

    a. Cause of Discharge – Defect in Enlistment Procedure.
    b. Applies to a soldier in respect of whom the current regulations for enlistment have been improperly or incorrectly complied with.
    c. A soldier who after enlistment or attestation is found to have been medically unfit for acceptance on account of a condition that was overlooked, inappropriately assessed or not declared by the soldier as part of his former medical history at the time of his initial examination is to be discharged under this paragraph.
    d. The competent military authority to authorize discharge is the commanding officer.
  9. In other words, you haven't actually been diagnosed by a doctor as having a personality disorder? A visit to your GP should sort that.
  10. Cheers for those responses everyone. Sorry I moved house there&December&just got my broadband sorted out.

    Pretty much yea. I've never taken medication for or seen anyone about it. I guarantee if I go see someone now they wouldn't diagnose me, but that doesn't change the fact that even though it was Honourable, I was discharged due to it with the code not recommended for reenlistment.

    I haven't applied yet, just started the application, and won't go further before I sort this out. I only speak because having been in the service I've served with many that said "No" to things when enlisting that weren't true, and they were in no probs. I've known people in the civilian world who didn't get in because they did say "yes" to something that probably wouldn't have mattered. I don't feel easy about not disclosing my prior service, but I know in the states anyway there's a high number of 'personality disorder' discharges due to the fact we don't get our full VA benefits such as compensation. (I only got money for school out of mine) because the VA is in bad shape over there atm. Also with the rise in suicides these things are even more red-flagged...

    Therefore would this be something they would look into if I checked "No," or would it be best if I just disclosed it and tried with it. I'm only asking because I know the score in the States, but am unfamiliar with how it works here. Yea I know what "should" be the best route, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get by.
  11. It's all moot, because you need to declare it. Besides the obvious points of integrity and moral courage, they will find out.

    I was amazed at the depth of the investigation to get security clearance - I too am a dual citizen and my clearance was held up because I misspelled my mother's maiden name and the State of New York couldn't find a record of her marriage to my father in the 1960's!

    (She was, I'm not a bastard)

    I was surprised it had got as far as someone requesting that info...

    As for whether you'll fail the medical because of your documented history, not sure. I don't do medicals but I think it will depend on the strength of the diagnosis and whether you can get a doctor now to say you never had PD.
  12. From what I've seen having a personality disorder is a prerequisite for enlistment into the TA.