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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jcrpda, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Here is why.. I applied to the RMP, was invited over from N. Ireland to Livingston for selection in Jan. Completed the forms, interview, medical etc and received a letter a few weeks ago to attend attestation, (although my SC hadn't come through they still wanted me to come over). Gave them a call earlier this week as I hadn't gotten flight details. They told me they couldn't proceed with my application as one of my referees had given me a bad reference!
    When I had filled in the forms in Livingston the two referees I put were the only two people I could remember the full address of, and had used before as references. Now one of the referees I used was the brother of a female friend with whom I had fallen out with a month previous and I can only assume that he had given me a bad reference out of malice, I have never had a bad reference in my life!!

    My question is, what are the chances of getting the decision over turned? I have written references from half a dozen former employers (all good) I can send them, and if I explain the situation do you think it will matter??
  2. Try it, nothing to lose.
  3. kill him
  4. Regarding the application: you should definitely phone them, explain the situation and ask if there is anything that can be done. As the other fella says, you have nothing to lose.

    That is still my advice even though you were pretty damn lax in your choice of referees. Even if the reference can be retracted or changed, or a new application started, that slip-up reflects badly on you.
  5. Thanks for the input so far. I have a letter written and copies of other references ready to send. I'm not 100% sure if it was him as I am not 100% sure who I put, I can remember one and know she wouldn't have given me a bad ref. The guy in question is ex PSNI and I have known him and his sister for many years and have used him for a reference several times before without a problem. Still very surprised at ity to be honest.
    They told me they would write to me in a couple of days but weren't able to tell me the details of the reference over the phone, only thing they were told was that is was a bad ref. I'm hoping they are going to tell me in the letter, if not I could probably request a copy under the data protection act but that could take weeks.
  6. That's worrying in itself.

    I'd imagine they'd be reluctant to divulge the authors and texts of bad references, more especially as they are names you gave them. I know people in civilian walks of life who have applied through the DPA (or FOI, can't remember) - but I don't know how it works with the military.

    Also (and Dr Evil's more likely to know this than I), I thought your rights under the DPA extended to information held about you on computer, so if it is just a letter in a file, I don't know if the Data Protection Act applies. And I don't know if the Army is exempt or not from the FOI act.

    Good luck.

  7. As far as I know the DPA is for any data held about a person, computer or not, can be doctors notes, CCTV fotage, a compainies notes etc. I have looked up the subject with regards to references and as long as it's written down, i.e. not an aural reference the person who received it has to give a copy to the person it is regarding should they request it, the only exception is if they think harm will come to the person that wrote it (and despite the suggestion above I'm not going to kill him)!
    I don't know if it would be different with the MoD of course.
  8. Is that a ref for the SC or the application?
  9. Looks like you are right about the DPA. I don't know why I thought it only applied to electronically held data...
  10. I don't think the MoD would go after him. After all, all they'd need to do is give you his name (which you gave them!) and you could do it! :lol:
  11. A referee for the application, not the SC.
  12. I can't see there being too much of an issue then, as long as you explain it well enough and avoid being seen as too much of a liability. Decent references from other people too should help, don't think it really matters who you choose really as long as they've known you x years.
  13. By law they can't give you a negative reference find out whats on that letter and if its completelty untrue then sue them
  14. Well there is no law against giving a bad reference, they can do so as long as everything contained in it is true. A previous employer will avoid giving a bad reference, they will either refuse to give one or just state the facts, how long you worked there, job description etc. As for a personal reference which this was, if they had said something untrue I could possibly take legal action.
  15. I would have suggested going back to the referee and asking him what he wrote but you mention that you can't remember who you put down as a referee in clearly what must be a run-of-the-mill decision for you. :roll:

    You also mention that you had 2 referees....

    So assuming that one wrote a dogshit reference and the other did not, why then would the TA note this conflict of opinion and automatically take the word of the one who doesn't like you?

    Unless of course they were both crappy and the TA are therefore completely right in their decision not to take you.

    I think you need to phone those who refused you and ask them quite explicitly why - can't hurt can it.