Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FlashmanTA, May 14, 2009.

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  1. I've been looking through the details for AOSB on the Army website as I have my briefing coming up and hopefully Main Board shortly after. I've seen this on wiki, which I know isn't always 100%, but;

    "The TA Briefing and Main Boards are identical in content to that provided to Regular officer candidates midweek (with the exception that they have already passed a medical examination) with one universal outcome an AOSB Main Board Pass valid for both Regular and TA Commissioning Courses. Since they are done in a little over half the time of the Regular Briefings and Main Boards it is more time pressured."

    Is this the case? Do they take the medical exam as being the one you do when you join the TA?
  2. Yes TCB and RCB have been combined so a pass is valid for both the Regular and Territorial Army.For me I didn't have my medical till Main Board, and now require another one for Sandhurst which I believe needs to be done out of house and not by my TA unit? Hope that helps.

  3. This is somewhat misleading, as there are no "TA" or "Regular" boards, just Briefing and Main Board, it just so happens that some occur at weekends, and the Main Boards that run over weekends (plus a Friday) are half a day shorter so as to fit everything in starting from Thursday night, thus allowing TA chaps to only need to take a Friday off work. But applicants for TA or Regular can attend whichever they like.

  4. The Wiki entry is out of date.

    AOSB now administers TA and Regular applicants in the same way and all have a medical at Westbury. This removes a routine problem for many TA applicants.

    Its possible to use the AOSB medical as your RMAS medical too. You will need to take a copy of the FMED566 form. They do not hold these at Westbury. There's one in the RMAS TA joining instruction pack. Ask the doctor before he starts the examination or he may not check everything that's needed for the FMED566.

    Remember that RMAS requires that your pre-course medical be completed within three months of the course start date.

    Dundeeulster - that sounds like a new urban myth. Its just a fit-for-course medical. It doesn't need to be done by some independent third party.

  5. msr

    msr LE

    Please can you update it?

  6. Someone could be getting confused with the TAOH system, hence the out of house?

    I'm making a few minor alterations to the wiki now.
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. Just changing a few wordings and adding schedules, for example it was "you arrive on this day" etc before which isn't always correct.