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What is the rule (is there a rule?) about mentioning the TA in a CV. I'm applying for a job at a well know out door clothing store and they recomended I mention about any hobbies/activities that envolve the outdoors.... Well for me, most of these involve the TA... What do you do with all this then? Havn't had to write a CV since joining the TA and I'm also not to sure on Persec etc.




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I believe that you are now obliged to inform your employer that you are in the TA. Putting it on your CV would, IMHO, show that you are proud of the fact and that you know that it can be of use to an employer. You have a lot of skills that can be used to great effect in the civvy world.

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you dont have to put it on your cv, as long as they know when they take you on. as for persec just ask someone higher up whos likely to give a half sensible answer.
Doesn't hurt to have 2 copies of your C.V. to hand
One with TA mentioned and the other omitting TA,
Just use Persec as reason and a good potential employer will understand.
You need to include membership of the TA on a CV that you are giving to a prospective employer. While this may result in you not getting the job (let's face reality, after all), failure to disclose membership weakens your employment rights if you are taken on.

As far as PERSEC is concerned, you need to exercise a bit of common sense (if this is a problem, speak to someone higher in the chain of command for advice). It's not a problem to disclose what you do in general terms, unless you have a particularly hush-hush appointment, in which case you don't mention the sensitive aspects of your military work.

With regard to the outdoor clothing shop, they may be encouraged by your TA service, unless they expect you to work weekends and you tell them that you're a clerk that attends every weekend.

If you end up working for a firm that farms you out to other clients, it's worth producing two CVs - one with and one without. This is what I've done with my firm, though it still doesn't stop them sending the wrong one to overseas clients. Perhaps they think it's cheaper than paying redundancy.

You've got to be honest. Tell the truth, most of the truth and nothing but the truth - the bullshitting can wait until you've got the job!
I know its not quite the same as working at an outdoor shop but TA has come in good use on my CV in the past. Its how you spin it to people who have little conception of what it involved.
Highlighting working in close knit teams, leadership skills, operating in high pressure environments and being able to deal with tough situations has let me sail through pretty much all competency parts of interviews.
Citing the TA certainly helped me get my job. But then again, the personnel manager was an ex-brigadier ;)
I have always found putting the T.A. onto my C.V. a great bonus and does give an excellent talking point in an interveiw.

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