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Evening folks,

I've reached the ripe old age of 36 and decided there isn't enough pain in my life so taken the plunge and put myself forward for TA recruitment. Medical paperwork all away and hopefully soon getting dates for selection weekend (assuming I pass the paper trail).

I work offshore in the North Sea (14/21 rota) which is one of the reasons I want to find something a bit more rewarding and worthwhile to do with my leave time.

Anyway, question is; is there anyone else out there who is TA and works offshore / Rotational job and how do you find it all fits together?

After some discussion with the helpful chap up at the TA Centre, I'm reasonably convinced it all makes sense but some actual feedback from someone in that situation would be excellent.


I knew a guy on my medics course who lives in the french alps as a skiing instructor. Hes still in the TA and has just done a tour on herrick.
We had a bloke in my last regiment who worked on the rigs as a Rad op, he never made it past recruits but he was a bit strange anyway
I was in the TA and working in the Falkland Islands, just told my CO and he seemed quite happy with it, even did some shooting with FIDF while there
I have a mate who does this and has no problems with it... has managed to get to WOII whilst doing it so.. go for it.
Should not be a problem provided your domestic circumstances can deal with it (wife, g/f, whatever). Assuming 14 on, 21 off, you will need to do a 14 day camp within your 21 days at home (provided the dates match). This means 6 weeks work in a 7 week period, once a year. If you can handle that, you're OK. If you are in a specialist unit there may be flexibility to do 2 shorter camps instead. Provided your rotations are fixed and predictable, it should be do-able.

I spent 173 days days outside UK in the last year. Rotations highly unpredictable, and including very short notice deployments (as little as one hour on one occasion). TA is now getting very hard for me, and I'm likely to sign off soon as a result, but not without real regrets.

Go for it if you can. But you do need to confer with the Long Haired General if you have one...
I was a PSI (permanent staff instructor) with a TA Sqn and guys with jobs like yours are not a problem, all other things being equal, as long as you can fulfill your annual attendance requirement and attend the summer piss up. What really used to piss me (and the hierarchy) off was arranging training courses for blokes who didnt turn up for them and getting committments from people for exercises and other training who also didnt turn up. You need to do some proper planning and if you cant attend summer camp or some other event, say so. Be honest and let the staff have plenty of notice of your intentions. Emergencies do occur, but I can quote reams of excuses from sick dogs to a mates wifes sister who had a drugs over dose blah blah, given by people for non attendance. One of the great things about the TA is that it is the blokes that make it what it is. I met some real good people during my time with the TA. So go for it and good luck., STAB! (Slimy TA Bastard).

Thanks for the comments and feedback. I'm pretty sure I can make it work but it's always useful to hear other peoples views & experience.

eodmatt; I agree completely about guys not turning up to agreed committments. It's the same in my game, never cease to be amazed at what sh*te some folks try and get away with.

With the words of my old man ringing in my ears 'If you're going to do something, do it properly or don't bother'. I wouldn't even bothered filling in the paperwork if I didn't plan on giving it my best shot.

I made it clear right from the start to the regiment ROSO about my work situation and he seems pretty sure that other than the 2 week annual, the rest will flexible enough to fit round my leave schedule.

Hobo-Ken; Wise words chap. Fortunately, I am lucky on two counts. The other half is supportive of me going forward with this. Probably helps that her old man was RAF and her brother was in the army until fairly recently. She's also a special constable so understands the 'volunteer' bit.

Also, at least on paper, my employer is 'reservist friendly'. Discussed with HR and apparently they will give me an additional 7 days leave a year to meet training/camp committments. One of the reasons I took this position 5+ years ago was the regular rota and pretty flexible management. What the view would be if/when I volunteer for ops is another matter.

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