TA and working abroad

This might be a daft question but does anyone know of a person who remains in the TA while working abroad?

Just to explain my situation. I'm about to start a 2 year contract in the Gulf States, starting with a 3 month probation. I get a 2 month summer break when I plan to come home and train with the TA. Could I say stay in the TA for that 2 year period training during the summer while obviously waving any right to a bounty as I will not be immediately available for mobilisaton?
It's going to be difficult.

I would suggest handing your kit in and coming back in 2 years time.

Have a nice chat with your OC. If he's amenable, you'll be given a Leave of Absence. IIRC, these are limited to a year, but if you turn up for training in the middle of your 2 year contract, I presume you can apply for a second LoA.

Regardless of what's written in the rules, if your OC thinks you're worth keeping, he'll keep you on the books somehow. Unless, of course, your unit gets disbanded while you're away...
I have worked abroad and know people who live abroad. Officially your call outs can only go to your address in the U.K, say your/your parents house. I was in a sponsored unit at the time so I only needed to commit to 19 days. I did it for three years with no problem, then came back to Blighty and stepped up my commitment again
There's a guy in our unit who works abroad but he's back every couple of months


There was a Pln Commander with the Jock TA deployed on Lionheart who was met at the airport with his kit by his pln prior to flying out to Germany. He worked in Saudi and it was in soldier at the time! No need to leave even a normal inf unit, it does place a strain on training and knowing the lads though!
Whilst my unit is specialist and only 19 day commitment, our CO expects more. One of my corporals, however, has just started a 1 year contract abroad, and the CO gave him leave of absence with no problem.
Whatever you do make sure Btn HQ know what you are doing and that all I's are dotted and T's crossed.... assumption is the mother of all fcuk ups as they say, as I found out to my cost.

I moved over to the States for a few years and had thought - having told everyone what was happening - that I would 'go into limbo', be kept on held strength or whatever.

Came back in 2004 and spoke to the CO about fitting back into the green machine and it was all looking okay - until the Chief Clerk did some digging and discovered someone had resigned my commission on my behalf during my absence!?

I didnt think that was even possible... never looked into exactly what had happened and who had done what as they had probably moved on. But it meant I would have to go through a lot of hoops again, the forms, the vetting, possibly even the DAB sort of thing (or whatever the hell it is called now) - it was just going to be a bit too much hassle at that point in time.

Was a bit peeved about it all though to say the least.

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