TA and University?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lepus, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. How does this work, can you be sent to Telic or similar while at university.

    Im thinking of joining and this is the one big question I have.
  2. From what I gather Rab, you can avoid mobilisation if you are at univeristy.

    However, I plan on doing a tour between my second and third year. Be a man Rab, you know you want to.
  3. If you’re in full time education then you can’t be called up, as the TA is currently operating under voluntary mobilisation this isn’t an issues for you one way or the other.

    As you’re looking to commission, if your uni has an OTC join them over the TA.
  4. I want to do some time as a soldier first mate.

    "Serve to Lead" and all that.
  5. I received complusory mobilisation papers for Telic 1, my university appealed the call up and it was revoked. For compulsory mobilisation appeals to be considered there was 3 main criteria:-

    a) being in full time education

    b) self employed

    c) a carer.

    They are working on voluntary mobilisations, but they said that only a few weeks before all of the Telics :eek: :eek:
  6. If you were at uni and in the TA , you would be liable for a call up, you would be eligible sometime after the scouts and brownies were mobilisised. However I do have a mate who is at uni and in 4 para. He volunteered for a telic tour , between his bsc and hons year. He saw it as a novel way of clearing the student debt. It also got him his first tape as there was a lack of lance comicals going from his unit, his progession was slightly accelerated.
  7. Cheers chaps. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Stab, before getting your c0ck out and having a whinge, I could'nt actually see on there where it says anything about mobilistation whilst at University.

    Thats why I asked.
  9. I'm afraid it does say Rab, right at the end.

    Of course, asking for some slightly more in-depth advice couldn't hurt could it?
  10. The second to last sentence

    "Plus obviously no fear of mobilisation."

    I suggest you get an eye test before progressing your army career further. However, I'll make it clearer for future nuggets.
  11. The Arrsepedia wrote:
    Ok, I read that as referring to the OTC, as it seems like an OTC section of the post not the TA. If its mlarring on my part then fair shout, but I did read that peice first before I posted.
  12. Rab you are quite correct that it read like that, but a search in this forum would have also brought back several threads asking this question and getting the same answer.

    confusingly probably containing several of the same wrong answers as Goku and BeastAppreciationSociety gave.


    Being a student does NOT exempt you from being mobilised. It does however give you one of the legitimate grounds for appealling against the mobilisation and in this case there is no question of your appeal being unsuccesful.

    absolute rubbish. If you are at Uni and in the OTC then you are only able to be mobilised under extreme threat to the UK mainland. (We'll not get into the whole discussion about whether the scouts and brownies would be more effective :p )

    If you are at uni and in the TA (Group A) then you are as eleigible for mobilisation as anyone else in the TA - i.e.if you are Fit For Role.

    Your civilian occupation - wahtever it is - doesn't come into the equation.

  13. Thankyou Humphrey, glad to know I got that right. I don't know how many times I re-read that peice to make sure I hadn't fcuked up before replying to STAB!
  14. Xplosiverab- sorry if i've misled you. I was under the impression that any student in the TA was exempt from a call up. I now stand corrected.

    When I was looking at the various T.A regs in glasgow back in 2001, I did ask the question , and the reply I got was that I would ''be the last to go, just in-front of the brownies.''
    This was asked before the Iraq/Afghanistan situation came up, and im guessing a relative quiet period for the T.A, hence their confidence that there was no chance of a six+ month holiday. In the end I was recommended by rcb to transfer from my chosen reg to the local otc, hence my not knowing that students are now eligible to be called up.

    Yet again apologies for mis-leading you and my thanks to humps for setting you and me both straight.