TA and uni, what are your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Watson, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Im 21 and about to start my second year of university and am considering joining the TA but i have a few questions. I also wouldnt mind hearing from other students who are considering or have joined the TA while studying just for their opinions on the matter.

    what happens after you finish training?
    What is the minimum length of service for the TA?
    Can you quit any time?
    Do you get paid as soon as you finish training?

    I want to be a games artist and am currently studying that subject at teesside university, but the more i think about it the more i dont think i would be satisfied with that job alone as really even though i love it, it is really quite a humdrum job that contributes to no one but the employer. I wouldnt mind some excitement before i get glued to a chair for the rest of my life.

    On top of the questions above thers also the concerns of getting mobilised and things like balancing my life and work life around TA as im not sure this is for me as my career and education are my goals and if forced to choose they would win. And even though i hate to admit it the though of being mobilised is quite an intimidating one to say the least.



    p.s i have ordered the info packs but i just had to ask some questions now to stop myself from crawling the ceiling until the info gets here.
  2. I joined up at the start of my first year at Uni. Main good points about it are in my opinion.

    You'll be doing something totally different to all your friends, in terms if how rewarding, interesting, challenging etc a job is.

    You'll be away every other weekend for the first 7 weekends (earning 70 quid ish for the weekend, which is paid in a monthly salary) and you have the added bonus of not spending money on food/going out etc at the weekend.

    To answer your main questions

    what happens after you finish training? - Train with your unit on regiment/Brigade etc training. This is after you finish your 7 weekends/ 2 weeks csmr and then probably 10 days trade training. The training you do with your unit depends on what capbadge you are.

    What is the minimum length of service for the TA? - I signed for 12 years with the option to quit at any time.
    Can you quit any time? - See above

    You can't be mobilised while you're at Uni but theres every chance it could happen when you leave. I found and you probably would as well that a lot of people starting basic training are doing it solely to get sent on a tour so just bear that in mind.

    I wouldn't worry about the info packs though, just ring your local unit up and rock up there next Tuesday night

  3. The world is your oyster. You can get yourself on a variety of courses after becoming fully trained, put yourself forward for deployments, or chase that first stripe.

    On paper I think the minimum is twelve years. However, in reality, you can hand your kit in anytime.

    You get paid on a day percentage after your selection weekend and you have been attested/sworn in. All through training you will be paid, including travel expenses. You will earn a little bit more after passing out of training.

    Getting mobilised is, at the moment, voluntary. You can say no, and certainly won't be deployed if you make it clear you have work related commitments. You must understand though that this could change anytime, and although your reasons are understandable, you should expect to be deployed at least at some point in your TA career.

    Good drills! I was thinking of going along the same path a few years back, but then I realised I can't actually draw. Ho hum.

    If you want more information than you recieve on here or in the stuff you are getting in the packs, pop down to the unit you are considering joining and have a chat there - It's the best call.

    Let us know how you get on.
  4. Cant remember my last TA weekend without spending money drinking - come to think of it I cant remember much of the last weekend that I did spend drinking either!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Please look through this forum, there are many similar threads.

  6. cheers for the replies guys, quickly answered my questions, i have a few months to think about this but so far im lookin through the forum now and honestly the only thing i can think of is 'why isnt everyone doing this?'

    i really cant see a bad point, its almost got me thinking whats the catch? lol
  7. I guess the prospect of a hard days work puts of most people :)

    I've had lots of people who when talking to me about joining the TA have said something alone the lines of

    "Oh yeh that sounds really easy and i could do it if not for me XYZ bullshit excuse" :D

    That and getting deployed on herrick of course :p
  8. granted the more i think of it the more getting deployed seems worrying, but i on the other hand i have zero training at all atm so im sure the idea of going into the field should be scary, only an idiot would be raving to get stuck in before he has been trained. brave obviously, but a bit daft too.

    i think im gonna give it a go and see if i am up to the challenge, who knows i guess.