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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by otomous, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Any train drivers in the TAs out there? I'm about to start as a trainee driver and wondered how other drivers get on? Are your employers sympathetic/accomodating? Given the shift patterns I guess it's tricky to get to many drill nights etc? Any info/experiences welcome. Cheers.
  2. If you're a train driver then 275 Railway Troop (v) would be just the unit for - and what's more they would be very understanding re: shifts. Also, as a specialist skills TA unit they don't have parade nights. There are a few on this forum if you're interested.
  3. Choo choo! CHOO CHOO! :D
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I thought you railway children were a lost tribe, wiped out by the perils of the modern age :D
  5. I met a tube driver from the Green Slime on my DITS course....she was a specialist (Liaison officer and tranny the translater) and she seemed to be getting on fine.
  6. There’s training involved for train drivers??

    I thought all you people do is press the big start/stop button when required and strike when you cant bother your lazy arrses to get out of bed.
  7. Why DO people do that? I was in the TA to blow things up at weekends, which was frowned upon at work. Why would anyone drive a train all week then, change his work clothes and drive a green train at the weekend?
  8. My unit has a few fat controllers - any help to you?

    I sometimes can't get to drill nights because of problems with the trains. Not sure if it's wise for you to try that excuse.

    Frivolities aside -

    I do know of LU staff, including drivers, in the TA. LU seem very supportive, I think they give 10 days' special leave for TA. Don't know about overground companies, sorry. However, a reasonable TA unit will understand if work stops you from training - if they are funny about this, find another unit.

    What stage are you at in joining the TA?
  9. Train driver during the week then train driver at the weekend, bit of a busmans holiday!
  10. Is there a lot of UK military trains, other than at depots shuttling bits of ammo around ? Here we just stick it all on the road or air. :)
  11. Depending on which TOC or FOC you are working for, most of them retained the old BR conditions which allow employees who are members of the reserve forces anything for 10 to 14 days Reserve forces leave. I get 10 days additonal TA leave, I used to work for FGW who gave you 14 days leave initilly unpaid but when you sent your army payslip, they topped up your money do you didnt in effect loose any pay.

    Being as your going to be a overpaid seat warmer, you will be too busy earning bucket loads of cash working overtime on a sunday to worry about TA weekends let alone drill nights! :D
  12. Reminds me of a scene from Not the Nine o'clock news; headteacher asks a pupil what he wants to do when he grows up,pupil responds "hang around pubs,go to discos,and make lots of money" headteacher smiles,ruffles the boys hair,and chuckles "Yeah,I wanted to be a train driver when I was your age too".
  13. Theres a lot more to us than that, sometimes we have fires, really big ozone polluting fcukers made from old railway sleepers.

    I moved over to 275 so the army could utilse my civvy railway skills, they promptly sent me on a rail ops course and told me to forget the civvy way of doing things!

    I work in a office now, so at the weekends its nice to go back on the shop floor as such and pull some points and drive a loco. Im fast approaching 40 and dont fancy going back to digging holes on salisbury plain thanks very much! :D
  14. BRL, I didn't know you were a BR man. Many moons ago I was a platelayer and then a Signalman (Nothing whatsoever to do with the Royal Signals).

    But then I left due to differences between the TA and BR.
  15. I didnt make it in time to be BR, I joined the railway shortly after privatisation, worked for Thames Trains, FGW and now Network Rail.

    I nearly was a career railwayman, I had a interview when I left school with BR, not because I wanted a job on the railway but because my Grandad had "put my name down" I opted for a bit of green instead!