TA and Trade Unions

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by island_boy, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question:

    Are Serving members of the TA, officers or otherwise allowed to join a trade union and or go on strike in their civvie job? ie joining unite who massively support the labour party and are about to go on strike at fuel depots where Armed Forces Personnell are possibly going to be crossing the picket line?

    just wondered if it would be a confilct of interest somehow or maybe even against QR
  2. Seen at least one TA bloke who is a member of a political party.

    Another TA was a shop steward (or so he told me).

    I would hope if you are green you won't give shit to the personnel delivering to the depots (if that happens). You argument is with the man; not your mates.
  3. i'm in a union,nothing to do with the army mate
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  4. You can be a ardent pinko lefty if you so wish and the TA can swivel if they tell you otherwise. One of the benefits a TA Soldier brings is the fact that they are civvies in th e real world, and have different life experiences and skills.
    Also the tend not to be as polarised and indocrinated as Regulars as regards political leanings.
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  5. And what happens when your Union membership brings you into conflict with your DUTY as a soldier? If mobilised and then ordered to cross a picket line to do the job of your striking comrades, what would you do?
  6. Well if your properly mobilised your under military law.
    not sure you can legaly tell a TA soldier right your driving a tanker on tuesday.
    If your an active trade unionist volunteering to break the strike would be bizarie if your doing it so you can refuse to cross a picket line then your a **** and richly desreve a place a colchester.
    The ta are not generally used to strike break so shouldnt be a problem.
  7. When the Driver on the news last night was bitching about earning £47000 a year for working 15 hours a day, 6 days a week, then it’s all clearly about money and bugger all to do with safety.

    So assuming the OP is a Driver and on Strike, then it all down to his conscience, as it’s all about money, at the end of the day a Strike doesn't pay the bills, or guarantee you a job next time the company is looking to down size.

    I'm hoping the Gov has pulled a blinder here by making everyone panic buy. all the people that don't normally fill their tanks up, now have full tanks which will last they a couple of weeks on their normal use, all the petrol stations will now be refilling their tanks, so in theory the country could now handle a 2 -3 day strike with the fuel in the petrol stations and only rush out one or two tankers to areas that need them.
  8. Sorry, I'm going to disagree on that one. I can clearly forsee that there may be occassions when your position in a Trade Union could put you into conflict with your duty in the TA.

    Whilst I agree that the TA (in fact, scratch that), the Army aren't used to break strikes, they have been in the past, and may be called upon again in the future to provide Military Assitance to the Civil Power (there is a subtle difference there). Take the Firemens strike a few years ago. Even as I type the Civil Police are consulting on the right to strike. Whom do you suspect would have to provide some level of policing should they strike? Tanker drivers holding a country to ransom and putting lives at risk because they don't like something. Oh dear. I'll ask you right now, if you were a tanker driver and decided to strike and were also a member of the TA that because of your qualifications were mobilised to deliver fuel to somewhere so that emergency services could still function, would you cross that picket line? It's a simple question, deserving of a simple answer. That answer will tell you if you can be a member of a trade union and be in the TA.
  9. Then why isn't he and his ilk being prosecuted, or don't the Driving Hours and Tachograph Rules apply to them because they are so preciously special?
  10. When working as an Ops Officer on FRESCO ZULU we used the TA in Ops rooms and even at the temporary fire stations. What they couldn’t do was go out on the ground as there are some sensitivities about using the Militia & Yeomanry against the populace, including to break strikes.


    This event still sticks in many people’s minds!
  11. Putting the fuel issue aside, Am asking if there is any regulation against a TA member joining a trade union? remember as members they are covered by military law at all times not just when in green kit, so by supporting a trade union they would be supporting a political party which i thought was against regs
  12. I'm a postman and CWU member, and am trying to get fit enough to pass a bft so I can join the TA - imo if I'm a postie I'm free to strike, if I'm a STAB I'm free to do what I'm told to do, it all depends on what hat I'm wearing at the time, you have to be pragmatic - sadly keeping principals don't pay the bills
  13. Man the braziers and throw rocks as scab squaddies. You're a bunch of ******* hypocrites anyway.
  14. Not quite correct unless the new Armed Forces Discipline Act (which came in just after I left) changed things radically. Officers are always covered by military law, but Soldiers are only subject to it when they have signed in.

    There is also, AFAIK, no restriction on being a member of a political party. What was not permitted was to campaign or canvass in Uniform.

    With both of these I would add the caveat that acting like a tosser or making stupid decisions in civilian life could cause big problems with one's promotion prospects and vetting status!
  15. as far as i am aware you are always considered as wearing your green hat at all times anyway so would have a conflict there if you were on a picket line on strike but also a TA member, as a TA Soldier you would be making a political message