Ta and the fire service

Are there any WHOLETIME serving firefighters out there who can tell me wether or not you can be in both the t.a and the fire service at the same time? As far as i know firefighting used to be a reserved occupation but i think its been relaxed? Ta.


Yes, you can but a new recruit needs a letter to attach to their application from their Chief Officer. It's in TA Regs, and different F&RS interpret in different ways, ie in London its dead mans shoes!
I know somebody he knew there would be a letter coming out and intercepted it from the bosses tray, signed and returned it himself.

[With the current weakened FBU they'd sack you for that].


Chalkyal said:
Thanks for that. Any derbyshire firefighters know what our policy is? ( its a long shot i know!)

Ring your personnel dept & ask if there is a service order on it, or I presume you have access to your SOs, therefore do it yourself.

No such thing as reserved occupation, pre 96 it was illegal as a serving FF to be in TA as per TA regs. This all changed when the Reserve Forces Act came out, now 100% legal.

If you are not a proby, & Derbyshire have no SO, then write a memo to your Chief requesting permission, if you get knocked back, put in a grievance. it may be worthwhile getting info off SABRE, an organization that supports both Reservists & employers.

For the record Lancs, Merseyside, Cheshire, GMC all allow membership. I am W/T WM and had a year off recently whilst in a sunny clime, fully supported by my Brigade.


just think, you can devote an entire six months a year to the TA without the brigade ever missing you, only you might have to get out of bed if something happens.

**** nuts trolling idiot.

If you knew what you were talking about you may not sound like the local village idiot, but hey ho...and stop drooling into your icecreeeeeam.
Edited, once again due to drink related typing. I really must get a hobby!
Thanks for the help all those who helped and to to all the piss takers i spent 8 years in 1 para before joining the fire service so shove that up your arse and light it!
Right off to bed, strike, play snooker, drink tea blah blah etc.


gobbyidiot said:
I know somebody he knew there would be a letter coming out and intercepted it from the bosses tray, signed and returned it himself.

[With the current weakened FBU they'd sack you for that].

Quite right too...


Chalkyal, Im currently a serving W/T CM and ended up involving SABRE as my Brigade had a flat policy of not allowing individuals to join the reserve forces, this was mainly down to making life easy for HR who seem to run our Brigade.The big issue is losing personnel to deployments.

In my case I arranged a meeting with SABRE,the Chief and myself to thrash out all the issues the Brigade had.With the final outcome being the Brigade finally putting their signature on my paparwork 2 weeks ago, as well as putting a percentage system in place to cap any further applications.Its been a frustrating battle at times but worth fighting for.

Feel free to PM me mate for any advice.
Ta adolf. Thought as much. You can almost garantee our headshed to be a pain in the arse everytime over stuff like this. I wouldnt mind but they always seem so clueless when you ask! SABRE here i come i guess.....


War Hero
I know of one individual who was TA initially and a different occupation whom then joined a London based Fire Bde unit, they effectively stopped training during their probation period and then resumed TA once that was complete. A bit of the under radar approach but it hasn't caused significant problems for anyone in the unit.

The only significant issue posing a problem will be annual camps, however again with a little imagination that can be overcome.

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