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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Jamz, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Evening All,

    My first post in here and hopefully it wont be the last, Im having a talk with my local TA unit on Wednesday to discuss my options etc and to find out whats what..

    My question is..Im not a strong swimmer, Yes I can swim but doing lengths I cant, maybe one at the most due to rubbish technique, treading water im hopeless at, again i can do it just but flap about like Im drowning!.I only learnt to swim 5 yrs ago due to an incident when i was younger (wont bore you with that) and to be honest don't practice enough, Im a regular at the gym but always put swimming bottom of the pack

    Would it hinder me in anyway as i know swimming is in the training at some point..

    I will ask on Wednesday just thought id get a heads up now

  2. Swimming isn't part of the training, but it is a test. You'll be graded as "Swimmer" or "Non-swimmer". Makes no difference to the rest of your TA career - provided that you don't drown while struggling out of a pair of wet coveralls in the middle of the pool.

    It does make a bit of a difference to Adventurous Training, though. Swimmers get a better choice of watermanship stuff while the non-swimmers (subject to the supervision available) tend to get stuck with stuff an arm's reach from the shore. (That is, they doggy paddle in the oily harbour while the swimmers dash about on jet skis or sail dinghies in the clean water).
  3. :) Cheers for the reply..

    Well I can swim like i say and tread water, just about.. So hopefully I wont be amongst the non swimmers in a Oily harbour..

    again, thks
  4. HA HA fun watermanship on adv training.Next you say you will have met an PTI who isn't evil :)
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  5. Don't worry mate. There's a bloke in my unit who can only swim downwards.

    Like anything in life, there's nothing to stop you joining a club and bettering yourself.
  6. as long as you can swim straight to the bottom you'll probably pass
  7. Although as has been said it's not a massive issue you need to know it may bar you from the Chinese Underwater Knife Fighting Course!
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  8. Lol..

    Well i can Dive/Snorkel.. swim to the bottom of pools, just shyte at doing lengths and treading water..Like i say its technique and prob fitness too that let me down..Im sure il get better, its on the menu for Saturday morning :)
  9. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I managed to evade the Mil Swim Test for all my time regular service and never been near a pool during my TA service.
    Still did all the watermanship and adv Trg as you have to wear a life jacket anyway.
  10. really not something to worry about even if you can swim the length of yourself as there are some blokes who cant swim at all. the military swim test is one of the funiest things i have ever witnessed, its a miracle no one drowned.
  11. i did the mil swim test once in 16 years in a pool so shallow i was stood on the bottom for the whole test. mind you being 6 foot 4 did help somewhat.. The only time i know of you being required to do any swimming is on the potential pti course.
  12. Excellent. Cheers
  13. My mate did one as a junior leader in the 80's. He said they were lined up facing the pool and the weak swimmers had to identify themselves by raising a hand. The instructors then went up & down the line pushing the 'volunteers' in!

    How's that for 'identifying and addressing learning needs'!