TA and regular army on tours?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnnyonthespot, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Just seen the other thread asking about what can be expected with going on tour. Just wanted to ask in terms of trades and jobs TA hold, why is this not transferred to Op tours?

    What I mean is it sounds to me (from trawling Arrse) that whatever TA unit your part of, ie Signals, artillery, engineers etc, you wont be doing that job (the one you chose when you joined the TA) when you go on a tour. Why cant TA people just slot in to a reg unit and do their best and also learn what you can from the regs and the whole Op tour experience?

    Instead it sounds like there's alot of force protection going on (which obviously is important and needs to be done by both TA and regs) but your in trade skills are'nt relly wanted.

    I dont mean to sound negative and am still very interested to join the TA myself. But I got the impression (from this site) for example, REME techy jobs ie VM/armourer etc could'nt really achieve the same level of expertise as regs due to time available to train, combat medics arent allowed to do anything unless supervised by a reg class 1, TA officers dont really command regular troops (at a junior or senior level?),
    and everyone else combat engineers, infantry, signals, artillery types will be used on force protection.
    Are there any units where TA do the same individual trade jobs side by side with the regs as I thought it was all the 'One army' thing. :?

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    All the REME I've seen have done their Trade jobs - Recy Mechs, VMs, Etc. It really depends what is needed. On TELIC 2, over 120 REME went as a bunch (I won't say 'formed body') and very few were used out of trade - and then usually only if they had a skill - aircon engineer, for example - that was in shorter supply than their REME one. The reason you don't see many TA VM(A)s is because there aren't many of them! Almost all are VM(B)s, and most are useful enough to fit in with a Regular Unit somewhere.

    So, the answer is Yes, there are plenty of jobs - certainly REME - that TA can do alongside their Regular comrades.
  3. And currently there is a TA unit of Sigs out doing the Sigs job (my ex who is regs is filling one of the gaps they had). If thats the exception rather than the rule with other trades I dont know.
  4. Perhaps the misconception comes from the early days of TELIC? In the lead up to TELIC 1, nobody really knew what trades would be most useful, therefore a wide selection were mobilised. While some were used in-trade, many (whose trade was found not to be that essential) ended up in strange jobs.

    In later versions of TELIC, when those trades were more in demand, soldiers with them had already been mobilised, resulting in shortages.

    With the Army a bit more stable, it should be more likely that a trade will be used properly although if twenty farriers (for example) volunteered at the same time and only one were needed, the other 19 would find themselves stagging on.
  5. With the Army a bit more stable, it should be more likely that a trade will be used properly although if twenty farriers (for example) volunteered at the same time and only one were needed, the other 19 would find themselves stagging on.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I think you'll find that now, if 20 farriers volunteered, 19 would be turned away (or at least quite a few would!)

    Also, with Specs like Medics/Field Hospitals, they have a pretty strict rotation of whose turn it is to be mobilised next, and they try to stick to that.

    Anyway, as a Siggie, you've more chance of going on TOSCA to Cyprus - something that plenty of Regulars have done, and almost all have been non-Infantry in recent years, operating out of trade - so the TA is just playing catch-up.
  7. JOTS,

    Its the TA infantry that do force protection coys. Sigs may provide IR's but the skill gap between regular and TA is far higher than the infantry and these posts are limited. Yes Sigs have provided Sqns for low threat regions, obviously small risk of employing TA in these theatres. Sigs also have a number of specialist groups/sqns that routinely deploy soldiers to do their civve job for the army.

    I believe TA Sigs deploy less soldiers to Afghanistan/Iraq than every other corps, TA Inf/Medics the most
  8. 105 regt ra have sent people on heric with 4 regt and they are doing the jobs they were trained for in the ta
  9. As Inf on Op Fingal (03-04), we slotted right into the Cycles with the Gurkha's, we had two platoons of TA, which with the three Pl's from C Coy 2RGR, we had a Coy of five. The Gurkha OC used us exactly the same as his own troops, and we got stuck in with all the surge Ops. The only thing we didn't do were the specialist searches, for which one of the Gurkha Pl's had recieved additional training.
    The same went for the Coy we sent to Telic 4, who were just added to 1 Cheshires Orbat complete.
    Coincidentally, I'm led to believe that the Field Hosp from our place are deploying on mass to a theatre near you in the near future.
  10. Have served in FRY and on Telic and Fingal alongside TA as formed units and IR doing their jobs as well as Regs hastily re-rolled to fullfil immediate operational requirements.
    Also had TA attached to my unit in BAOR for 12 months in early 90's due to lack of some trades/manpower
  11. CMT in my own Regts RAP, deployed on Telic and did the same job with my deployed Regts' RAP. Bit of a steep learning curve at the start but with the other CMTs help, and encouragement from Med Sgt and MO I managed to catch up and stay the course.

    From my point of view well worth the hard work. From the 40 or so TA bods that were mobilised, only two of us, a chef and myself, actually did the job that we do in the TA. :) :)
  12. So what could i expect to do on tour coming from the Royal Engineers as a driver? Or would all the driving jobs be taken by the regs?
  13. I don't know what it's like now, but on Telic 2, the shortage of (just) drivers was tending towards critical. Frequently, people were dragged from time-critical jobs in order to ferry other people about or make up numbers in escorts.

    It's well worth having a surfeit of drivers for the odd occasions when it's necessary to make more sorties than usual, especially if they are just drivers and are therefore always available.

    It can be knackering, so rotation is good for efficiency as well as morale, therefore I'd be surprised if the Regulars would want to take all the driving jobs. In fact, you could find that it's the other way round, especially if the Regulars have a second trade.
  14. We had a shortage of drivers in one of my units on deployment and ended up with a reservist RE driver being put into the RLC troops (upset him a bit at first as we were RE in the same unit)
  15. Yer that would have peed me off a tad!