TA (and regs I suppose) Fitness Standards

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. As an old codger and "out the loop" so to speak I wouldn't mind knowing what the current annual/bi-annual tests are and what the timings are especially for olden's

    When I was a lad it twas BFTs in boots and red shirts

    In other words hat is the pass mark for a 35/6 yr old
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Do the wheels on your wheelchair actually rotate :lol:

  3. Don't they get dispensation for horlicks breaks?
  4. think its 11.30 for bft if you are over 30

    same cft as everybody else - 4 miles in an hour carrying 55lbs
  5. what about this new fangled ABFBAFBABFFA thing ????

    Oh and I know you get an extra min at 30, typically I left when I hot that golden age so never was able to coast around he park :wink:
  6. Ayyy what happend to the afternoon strolls for a couple of hours followed by blister popping leaps, Bedford assult courses and picking the shortest bloke in the unit for a carry ???
  7. I prefer Ovaltine personally.
  8. All gone. And if the PTI plays by the rules you can carry everything except your gat in your bergen
  9. If you're an old fart (over 32 I think) then its 11:30 to do the mile and a half and then you've got 2 minutes of situps and two minutes of pressups, which is something like 44 (give or take) or more of each in the two minutesin order to pass.

    CFT is the same for everyone unfortunately ... it would be so much easier if the zimmer had wheels!! :lol: