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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Slates, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Are there any users out there who are operational prison officers and in the TA and if so is your number 1 fully supportive?
  2. When I was at Full Sutton and in the TA the No 1 and all his hangers on from No 3 to No 5's were far from supportive, in fact it was the main reason I left.
  3. I know for certain that a reasonably senior bloke from one of the big London prisons is a poster here. Serving TA, as well.
  4. QM of a South Wales based unit has been a prison officer for years. He even managed to sneak in a cheeky HERRICK before APC were directed to rigorously enforce the age limits for this deploying. (He didn't deploy in his capacity as a prison officer, but in the Reg unit G4 chain).

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  5. I mentioned i thought of joining the TA when i was at the Mount and the new no1 was less than supportive and made life a little bit akward. In fact because he worked his way up from officer to superman, he had a dislike for all ex forces officers, and i saw a number leave before my own departure.
    He has since long been retired after some stuff from his scrubs days emerged.
    The prison service may let you do the minimum days and anual camp but you will more than likely have to use your holiday dates, at least you get your shifts for the year up front, unless your doing conscripted hours for the extra money, if thats the case you have no chance.
    Mind you this was 6-7 years ago

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  6. I'm not sure they're supportive of anything. I can't recall one that wasn't a slimy two faced twat.
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  7. Someone I know had to get permission every year to remain in TA. Apparently got round it by saying he was working in a band.

    Considering most of his stories are about twatting cons every day I consider it bullshit.

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  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I know they ended up stopping the free for all which it used to be when govt dept allowed TA service without having to take holidays and such.

    you can still get free time for cadets, DofE and other types of voluntary work though IIRC - my missus used to go on about it because scouts wasn't one of them
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    how long ago was that? my missus was in the training wing then cash office for a few years in the 90's - you lot used to make her go to the front at step class so you could watch her arse going up and down (took her a few weeks to realise mind).
  10. Joined in Feb 1996 and resigned in July 1999 and went immediately on FTRS for 6 years. Initially worked on B wing (until B & C wings were toasted) then did a stint at Bulwood Hall with Sean H (ex Navy copper) while they got re-built. Was a Life Sentence Offr and did the SSU course.

    I resigned because I applied for 12 months unpaid leave which was refused but went on 6 months unpaid leave instead and went to Bosnia (No1, No 3 & No 5 all aware as was the SO's & PO of my wing). They then decided to insist I was brought back by the army which resulted in me being de-mobbed (and almost cost me my TA career) and promptly suspended me for 6 months. POA wanted me to fight all the way to the point of being sacked but I'd had enough of the two-faced senior staff & governors so one sunny Sunday in June walked into the Gate Lodge & handed in my resignation (causing quite a bit of panic).

  11. i knew there was a reason i left- but until now i couldnt put my finger on it !!
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  12. While I was still in Prison Service regs allowed you 10 days special leave in order for you to take part in your annual camp or a course in lieu (you could add a few days off your leave if your wing could afford you away for that length of time). IIRC this was stopped to try & force those involved to leave the TA.

    The only free for all I remember were those prison officers swapping shifts so they could arrange time off when they wanted it. That became a completely hopeless situation as if you wanted the person you'd done a shift for to pay you back, you might find he'd swapped your shift with someone else who'd also swapped their shift etc, etc. No wonder they stopped the swapping of shifts, the SO's & PO's never knew what staff would turn up on any one day!
  13. Speak to a certain Female Officer at Haverigg who doesn't seem to have any problem going on tours.
  14. POA, toothless tigers more like.
    Made up of old so and po's who would of been binned years ago.
    Possibly the worst union ever.

    To put it simply.
    Hm prison service and the TA do not go well together.

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  15. Depends entirely on your number one, each one may have a different view on their officers being reservists. HMPS does not seem as staff friendly as it was, according to the old n bold. I take it your on the shift sysyem, meaning you work weekend on/off.?..The two week annual camp may cause a few dramas aswell ie if you are given permission to actually attend it. Ive never been in the TA since leaving the regs but can see the appeal. Anyone at your place in the TA?..
    On another note, ive come across TA officers on a tour who were in the Met, never really knew how they had the time to commit to the TA, being that being a copper is also a demanding job and fair share of weekend working.