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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LEGZ30, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. A question for my TA brethren. I am about to leave the Army with the intention of joining Grampian Police. I have asked their recruiter if I can serve in the TA at the same time and what will happen if I'm mobilised but she doesn't know.

    Do any of know, or are you, a serving Police Officer who is also in the TA and if you do/are what happens when you are mobilised?

    Thanks in advance
  2. There was a guy I served with on Telic II and he was a serving Officer with the Met, I also know of a couple of members of the PSNI who are also in the TA.
  3. I'm in civvie bill and was in the TA up until 2004. The difference being is that i was in the TA before i joined.

    I was never asked to leave by the job but it did get very hard working shifts, doing TA, social, and family life.

    As for mobilisation, when parts of my unit (104regt RA) were mobilised for TELIC i was told by the PASO that i most certainly wouldn't be going because of my job but some lads who were job in my previous unit (RMP) did go out on TELIC2.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck with joining the job too.
  4. I knew quite a few Coppers who were in the TA - it seems that they could join the TA once they had passed out from the factory but those in the TA had to leave if they joined the Bill - and I knew a few of them as well
  5. Whether you can join the TA or not depends on your Chief Constable and whether your force is currently within its permitted ceiling (about 1% or thereabouts normally, so about 20 in Grampian). You will not normally be allowed to join the TA within your probationary period.

    Not aware of the view of the Grampian Chief Constable but he lets TA join the Specials according to this from their website:

    Illegible eh! Brilliant!
  6. Thanks a lot, looks like the best bet is to push on with the process and then apply after I have completed Police College. I hope they don't make me wait until after I finish probation because that will make me 39 yrs old before I ever start with the TA!

    The spelling mistake on their website doesn't surprise me. You should see some of the errors on the examples of their test papers!
  7. One question, if your leaving the army , arnt you looking at moving on with a new career ?..and being a police officer is a full time career with commitment.

    Never really understood why ud want to go TA, from regular army especially if your going into another Goverment service job.

    Just a thought, ive never been TA or Police Force, and im no trying to be cocky, just curious.
  8. I'm a peeler here in Norn Iron and still (just!!) in the T.A. It's hard juggling all my commitments, family, job, social, and the T.A. I did get my bounty this year, but that was thanks to the hard work and dedicated help of both my OC. Maj. J (thank you boss!) and the PSAO (thank you sir :) ).
    Your going to struggle to keep both afloat and remain of use to your Bn/Regt, I'm only any real help on the training front, having done Op Tours in the past including Telic the Police have been quite hard to work around, however recently the PSNI have brought in new framework to allow reserves/TA to take a year long career break to carry out service abroad, I'd imagine MOST UK forces are/will follow along soon enough.

  9. As already explained - it depends on your Chief Con.

    Personally, I won't have a problem as I don't have a wife and 20 kids, but for you that might be different.

    Usually you won't ba able to join the TA whilst on probation, but if you're already in the TA and then join the police you may have a chance to keep both (depends on force quotas).

    It'd be a struggle, but if you want it badly enough then you'd be able to pull it off. It all comes down to what you want more...
  10. It as previously said will depend on your Chief Constable.As for juggling work and TA, depending on the trade you choose , you may be able to go to a specialist unit rather than an independent.Thus your commitment is only 19 days.