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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Line, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently a Private in the TA and due to start uni in september whats the deal with doing OTC and TA together is there anything in place for this situation?
  2. If the TA and OTC parade on the same night then you will have to make a decision as to which you wish to do. Personally, I'd stick with the TA.
  3. This is not possible, unless under the TASO scheme and then the UOTC will be your unit but the TA unit will pay you etc. You need to make the choice.
  4. You have left this a little late to think about it. Yes, you need to find out if your unit sponsors TASOs (and if they will do so for you) and if the OTC you are going to takes them.
  5. I have indeed left it a little late :oops:.

    Also would being a trained solder mean I would be of an equivalent level of those who have completed MTQ1?

    Thanks for the replies so far.
  6. Yes, trained soldier equates to MTQ1, but don't bet on that allowing you to start up the food chain, many OTCs make gap year subbies do MTQ2. A quick hint too, find out if (should they allow you to go as one) your unit is generous in its TASo mtd allocation, and if you will have to do OTC selection. The mtd allocation is vital, as you don't want to find yourself missing out on training/play next summer as you have run out of a strict mtd allocation.
  7. Purely from a financial point (which is a biggy with you being a student!!!)of view stay with the TA..better pay and bigger bounty.
    However, two guys at my unit also parade with the OTC at their local unis but in their corps berets and rank. They attend all the training that is offered (as well as normal TA parades and weeekends) but they get paid to attend by the TA unit...they spoke very nicely to the PSAO and explained that it is a winner for everyone, and was agreed to readily. The only stipulation is that when TA and OTC training clashes, TA comes first.
  8. Cheers for the input so far, I'll have a word with the PSAO come parade night see what he has to say. Any further points to be raised are welcome.
  9. Generally you are not going to be able to combine membership of a Group A TA unit and an OTC.

    You need to be clear about what you might want out of either TA membership whilst you are at university or joining an OTC. Are you looking to join the regular army as an officer. Are you looking to be a TA officer and get a TA commision as soon as you can.

    There will also be geographical issues to think about - how far is it to travel.

    Most importantly OTC or TA will take up a good deal of your spare time at university and you really need to be careful that you remember that it is no good doing loads of Army stuff and failing your degree.

    TASO is an option. Your existing unit could agree to sponsor you as a potential future officer in their unit and let you continue to wear their cap badge. The details of what training you had to do would have to be worked out with the two units one of which was the lead unit. ie you can only actualy belong to one unit even if you are sponsored by another and allowed to wear their cap badge. However there seem to be several local variations so it is worth asking.

    There are similarities between OTC and TA units but also differences.

    OTC is geared around university terms and student life, and you will have much more in the way of adventure traning and social. OTC will also generally give you much more exposure to the wider army in terms of what all the different cap badges do and opportunities to go on regimental vists etc. TA will almost certainly do green training to a higher level and as has been said can end up with you earning more TA pay.

    If you are thinking of joining the OTC get in touch with them in early September and ask to speak to the officer who runs recruiting and discuss your individual situation. You should be able to find out if you need to do the recruiting assesment weekend and at what stage you could start.

    If you have passed recruit training you should move straight onto MTQ 2- second years but you will need to discuss this and it depends what you want out of the unit.

    It will be much easier to transfer units than to transfer. But dont just turn up to the OTC open evening and chat to some random officer cadet about this. Speak to the unit and get the proper gen.

    PM me if you want.