TA and Irish citizenship (Nottingham)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Boondocksaint, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm moving to the UK to start a masters in Nottingham soon, I'm interested in joining the TA as an officer. I have a bit of military experience (I was a private in the Irish Reserve Defence Forces for 5 years, initially as a medic before transferring to artillery)

    Few different questions:
    Are there restrictions on where I can apply in the UK? From looking around, there's a TA centre very close to my accommodation for the Intelligence corps which would suit me great (I have a few languages). While the British Army website tells me that Irish citizenship is sound, I dunno if this applies to the IC. Failing that, are there any other corps which Irish citizens are unable to join so I know which ones to avoid?

    Failing that, I have a law degree (including modules on English Law) and would be interested in the Military Police. There doesn't seem to be any RMP units near Nottingham though, I heard of the National TA, if anyone can give me any more info.

    Otherwise, any recommendation on which units are a good bet to join? I won't have a car so transport might be an issue but anywhere around Nottingham would be great.
    I'd be interested in Nottingham's UOTC but I'll only be in the area for a year so I dunno if they'll accept me. I intend staying on in the UK after my masters though so staying on in the TA will hopefully not be a problem.

  2. Afraid I can't answer the nationality question but out of curiosity you studying at University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University?
  3. I'll be starting at the University of Nottingham in September.
  4. Although I live in Notts, I don't serve in any local unit and instead travel rather far; I would perhaps recommend trying the artillery unit towards the north end of the city, seeing as you previously served in that role. Your best bet anyway would be to contact the local ACIO as not only will they be able to advise you upon the nationality issue but that they now deal with both regular and reserve queries and applications.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'd be open to joining the artillery although would be keen to see if the RMP or Intelligence are possible.
    Failing that, artillery would be grand.
  6. There should still be the RE TA centre in Bramcote, or it might now be Chilwell. Either way give them a try, Officers are always very welcome.
  7. Try South Notts Hussars is an Arty unit in SE Nottm, the TAC you mentioned has also has Sigs and Para Medics. I think Int and Sigs will put you through the same type of vetting but I don't think that would be a problem.
    Also nearby is 212 Field Hospital on the Beeston/other side of the campus. Slightly further West is Royal Engineers mentioned previously in Chilwell/Toton.
  8. According to the MoD pdf on the Intelligence Corps, both your parents must be British citizens and have lived in the UK for the last ten years.

    So must you.

    The Int Corps TA is no different to the regular Army in that respect.

  9. I used to cycle fm Nottm Univ to Chilwell, it's abt 20 mins max
    And flat
    Was a good RE unit back in the 90s
  10. Apart from the above comments , Irish citizinship is not a bar to enlisting.
  11. As an Irish female in the TA and with substantial regular experience, I would advise trying for the OTC. It can take a long time to undertake training to qualify as a soldier in the TA (6 recruit weekends and 2 week camps), which can take upto a year. If you specifically want to do officer level training, you may find that this is more appropriate rather than a TA unit. The fact that you are staying for a year is irrelevant as you can transfer later and it may be better if you want to go full time. Irish citizenship is no bar on joining, but you may find that units will vary in terms of their intepretation of what to do with you untill you pass security clearance which can take several months. They may not allow you to attend.

    Secondly, while many TA units are great. One unit showed me the door the first night I turned up after transferring and would not accept that I had transferred to their unit. The attitude did not improve untill I eventually left.

    Finally, if I had my time again, I would never do TA and I am at the point of leaving. The training is zero until they want you to 'volunteer' to do a tour. I have no plan to do the commitment of a regular soldier without the appropriate pay and conditions of employment and nor do I plan to jepordaise my civilian employment. Go regular and aim to do that rather than diverting your time and energies into the TA, which does not lead anywhere.
  12. It's not a 'comment', it's a fact - please read - http://www.army.mod.uk/documents/general/INT_Operator_MI.pdf

    '...applicant should have been a British citizen for ten years, should not hold dual nationality...applicant should have been resident in the UK for the last ten years...'

  13. Yes mate, go regular....

    He's starting a masters in Sept! How can he do both???
  14. HMS sherwood is on the main ring road, go and be a stab bootie there, on the plus side its full of easy scutters and they have a decent size bar.