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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Hootch, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Couldn't see a dedicated thread but I think we might need one.

    Well, it looks like Gen Carter has ignored our advice and for the TA, FR2020 is more of the same, if not worse for some.

    For the Yeomanry looks like three regts lose their Armour and convert back to WIMIK, well Jackel ( a purpose built WIMIK). I am presuming that the Armd BCR regiment will be RWxY as that just makes sense and the others will be retuning their A vehs sometime to grab some cut down landies and pretend they are Jackels - deep joy, I reckon the Yeomanry will struggle to retain their current numbers.

    So the grown ups passed up on the chance to let the TA maintain the Heavy skill set - are we suprised? The RAC and the Yeomanry get to start "manning the equipment" rather than "equiping the man".

    Can't see much change for any other units.

    So, where will the extra 10,000 PIDs go - clearly not to the Yeomanry, they remain at four Regiments by the look of things.

    I guess most of the extra slots will go to CS and CSS to balance the hammering that the Regular component took today.

    Looking at this - I'm not getting the "WOW / radical new thinking / great idea" feeeling here, I presume there is a lot more work to do on the reserve component but I don't see much hope of anything challenging coming out of it.

    Link to previous dicusion on this.
  2. Sorry, I can't see where you're coming from on this.

    3 yeomanry Regts who currently have a poorly defined IR role, and a minimal unit holdings of A vehicles (if any) re-role to an equivalent basis to their 3 regular counterparts - complete with kit. They will be training to deliver formed sub-units (and occassionally units for less complex tasks) for the first time in years, and should have a single coherent career structure.

    Times have never been so good, from what I can see...
  3. Anyone got a heads up on how the TA infantry is going to shape up under the reforms?
  4. Wow... where to start?

    Wrong. Very much the opposite in fact.

    Wrong. Three regiments don't have armour. One - the QOY - has limited holdings of CVR(T) and the RY have a few vehicles, rarely used.

    ...Given their current role and proximity to SPTA it was unlikely to be anyone else


    Not sure about that - the announcement represents a move from the status quo in which:

    a) Nominally trains Yeomen them as Recce CBRN soldiers ( never well defined ), recce soldiers, or armoured drivers & loaders - with very little access to kit or strong bond to regiments

    b) Actually loosely trains them to get through RTMC and little more, subsequently to be employed on TOSCA / using Cortez / as IRs according to the whim of the moment

    to a situation where:

    a) Yeomanry regiments have stacks of kit, warry modern vehicles to use for routine training and formally dictated strong links ( not historical affiliations ) with regular regiments

    b) Regiments can confidently offer clear career streams and regularly mandated training with regular counterparts

    ... I think recruitment & retention should be relatively easier. In fact, if any Yeomanry squadron can't significantly improve their manning on the back of the above, their CoC should be shot. Precious few units are filling the PIDs they have - I don't have the figures to hand but have visited a few Yeomanry TACs in which ~20 pax rattle around a Victorian building of a drill night. Over the next couple of years the Yeomanry should be able to fill their current establishment - and then have the luxury of being able to ensure that only those who deserve to be members, are. Be honest, in your experience is this the case now?

    So, the TA didn't get Heavy Armour so evidently Gen Carter didn't read your submission carefully enough... but the Yeomanry have come out of this extremely well. In fact, I'd be surprised if any Arm / Service in the TA will see anything near an equivalent boost in importance, kit and morale.

    I'm all for the usual chuntering, and you're right in saying that FR20 represents a missed opportunity for radical reform around the regimental system and capability. There's been too much politicking about capbadges, and salami slicing of roles. The lack of some commitment to consider employer legislation to ease the introduction of beefed-up TACOS is also disappointing.

    But in total, the imminent reforms are a major step forward for the Yeomanry. I genuinely think its sad that you are unable or unwilling to see it.
  5. Charlie_Cong makes some very valid points and has taken apart your argument quite nicely.

    I for one would like to congratulate you Hootch, for waiting for 10 hours before beginning your "woe is us" mandatory stab **** bleatathon.

    Now that we've got the ball rolling could we open the floodgates and have the site flooded with 100s of threads filled with whiny stab *******.

    Thanks, in anticipation.
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  6. Just out of interest, are there really in excess of 15,000 civlians just waiting to get into their nearest TA unit? The Today programme mentioned doubling the size to 30,000, whilst losing 20,000 regulars, a net loss of 5,000.

    Is any other branch of government looking to lose 20% of their workforce?

    I have no axe to grind but do like the way the TA gets bigger or smaller at the stroke of a politico's pen; I recall Mr Hestletine saying the TA would recruit an extra several thousand, at a time when the TA could barely fill its current establishment.
  7. Yes, but to be fair he was talking about an expansion from 65,000 to 72,000 or so...

    Here in the frozen North we had six battalions of TA infantry, a Yeomanry Regiment, a Regiment of cloud punchers, one of sappers, another of scaleybacks, two more of truckies, and two squadrons of Them. We even managed a det of 666(V) Sqn AAC. Even given that 1/51 had some companies dahn sahf (London and Scouse Jocks), we still managed 2000+ infantry where now there are less than 700.
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  8. Entirely agree on the importance of that, but I believe that there is to be a consultation in the Autumn primarily with employers (although anyone can contribute) and that there is ongoing work to develop legislation for the protection of reservists and employers.