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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jamz, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have to return my recruitment pack but I cannot find my Grades from School..was a very long time, Haven't got a bloody clue where they are..

    Its either £35 for a replacement certificate or £15 for a certified letter sent to the TA office which takes 28 days!

    Does anyone recall the importance of these Docs, I am going in as a Infantry Soldier not officer..

    I have been in contact with the school but they haven't returned the call yet..I am hoping they may be able to provide proof of grades which would suffice
  2. Not important whatsoever mate, despite what you might be told. Im pretty sure that just the English, Maths and Science (?) are the important ones, and even then with your capbadge they won't be vital.
  3. I brought mine in back when I applied last year and I was just laughed at. I was told that as I'm an infantry soldier there is no need to bring in any exam certificates, although your unit may look at things differently
  4. You are applying for a civvy job. The employer requires you to show your education certificates. Do you: a. not bother and therefore fail at the first and easist hurdle
    b. get the certificates so have passed that hurdle and proceed to the next stage.

    A regular applicant has to show them, what makes you special?
  5. Didnt say anything about me thinking I'm special but thanks for your input.

    I've supplied a NVQ2 in carpentry and joinery as well as a ComptIA in computing certificate.

    My school grades are rubbish C being the best and 3 D's

    I'm hoping they will see through that and not require them or at least book the Medicals etc while I'm waiting for the replacements to turn up
  6. **** me, with those grades you'll be getting "Mr La dee Da" banter, a la Gunner Graham from "It ain't half hot mum".