TA and Duke of Edinburghs Award

I am at college and planning on joining the TA (a Royal Signals capbadge hopefully) - However I am also doing Gold D of E and am nearly through the expedition and still have to do some skill, the service and a sport and i think the TA will take up quite a bit of time when i have to do 1 hour of each per week.

As I understand it cadets can use that as their D of E, can the TA be used towards their Duke of Edinburghs Award and in which of the sections if so?


p.s. I will still try and join the TA even if it cant be used towards D of E and my parents will just have to deal with it if i cannot complete d of e.
You could conceivably use it in lots of elements of it, it will be best to discuss this with your dofe leader once you have an idea of what you will be doing in the ta.
You can't use anything done through the TA for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, unless you are doing it unpaid. So, you could do the expedition or residential for example, providing it was unpaid.

As for the skill, physical and service sections, you should be doing an average of two hours a week in each, and doing the same activity for the 12 months/18 months/6 months.

The TA isn't a good way to complete the award. Being a cadet is voluntary and unpaid, and therefore ideal.

If you're stuck and not part of an award group - see if there is an Open Award Centre near you - they will give you support and advice.

Good luck - it is worth doing!


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