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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I know this has been done already but I searched and got no joy with that.

    What is the score with putting your TA service on your CV? I know we're all friends now, but I'm still not sure about putting my Stabness around on a CV/ aplication form with my address on it. Do I have to put it on?

    T C
  2. Actually, I think he's more worried about PERSEC, than how it might affect his career chances, and I suppose, to an extent he's correct?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    If you have done an Op Tour then probably yes, otherwise it will look like a gap in your employment history.

    If not, then no.

  4. It's a bit of both. PERSEC is the main issue, but when I found myself between jobs I spent a good while just working at the Sqn.

    Is there a legal requirement to inform your employer? And this may sound a bit weird, but do SABRE have anything helpfull to say on the matter?

    T C
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Hmmm. It appears I'm being all kinds of stupid today.
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. An old thread I know but I've just been updating my CV and had a few thoughts about mentioning TA on my CV.

    Firstly my quals (and CV) looks very spartan since I started working for my last employer many many moons ago. I've considered adding TA courses but that seems a bit waltish, although some courses are similar length to the regular .... plus some shouldn't be mentioned unless I'm applying for that kind of work.

    Would you give TA as references (looking at 30K+ job bracket), my first employer is still in business but won't remember me.

    Where you put down you've got security clearance? I can mention it in the previous employer bit
  9. I put on my CV about courses I had done In the TA and about general things you can learn. I had the same problem as your self had been with the same employer for 14years and then took a different direction In life (civil service)

    Before I applied for the job I had a chat with there HR department just to find out what there view was on the TA as I was well looked after where I was before and did not want to move If they were not supportive.

    I was told a couple of months after I had got the job that things I had done In the TA stood me on good ground In the interview. Can't say this Is the same for all jobs just my experience.
  10. You dont have to tell your employer up front unless you are in the public sector like myself. Your boss might be a big annoyed if you break to him that you are being deployed with a few weeks notice.

    If you are no longer in the TA, then what you put on your own CV is up to yourself, but they might ask you what you were doing at certain gaps, but you can just say you were unemployed if you wish.
  11. Do make the effort to translate - some mil courses do translate into "IP Routing in Failure Sensitive Environments" and "Advanced Satellite Communications Installation", or similar local jargon. Ditto "Supervisory Management" and "Adventure Training Instructor".

    Depends what your TA role is - many people have widely different roles civvie versus. I don't.

    I have it in the "Other information" bit - along with drivelling licence etc. Normally as "HMG Security cleared - details on request" and then put the relevant stuff in the covering letter.
  12. Wonder if these could be worded differently, e.g. Volunteer in a HMG emergency agency, currently hold the role of planing and implementing a communications system across Yorkshire and the North East. Also responsible for planing training and supervising members of this organisation.

    Is HMG Agency lying? i.e. a infantry soldier could say - volunteer within a HMG Agency who provide security in foreign countries where infrastructure has broken down (that one may be pushing it)
  13. Do not do it, generally we are discriminated against, probably not as much as a recently married woman with no children but not far off it. At interview you are probably safe if you have done an op tour and are time barred.