TA and asthma.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by scamsr, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. I have posted a couple of posts about joining, i apologise if i am repeating what has all ready been asked. I need a serious answer with some clarity.

    I am planning on joining the TA (infantry) however i have asthma. I know that this is a HUGE thing against my application, but i was wondering if there is some way to appeal.

    I have never been admitted to hospital because of it.
    I can run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes, with no asthmatic signs and no inhaler needed.
    I was in the cadets for two years and had no problems with my asthma.
    I often do exercise and do not need my inhaler.
    I get mild asthma around animals, like horses but i am not intending on going in the household cavalry.

    Can you give me some advice on this and how i go about informing the recruiters (and the medical assessment).

    Any help or advice?
  2. You can't join with asthma
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  3. You cannot join if you got asthma
  4. You are still running to slow.

    And you have asthma.
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  5. Can I join if I have asthma?
  6. You special as well, of course you can, pop down to the ACIO and your be in the best Corps in no time.
    Just dont mention the heavy breathing, wanking or shit at running bit!
    Unless of course your an ace at running then your just a show off and can eff off!!

  7. Asthma? yes, yes you can. Just be sure to take loads of your own personal kit to training with you.
  8. You can't join because most people can leopard crawl the PFA in sub-12.

    And you have Asthma as well.
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  9. I liked you right back for liking me.

    Maybe we should ****.
  10. I have one leg and am 49 can I join? Always wanted to be a special case, is there a kind recruiting fellow out there that will take up my case and regardless of what the web sites say will change it just for me?
  11. Yes, but only if you need 2 stable belt sown together.
  12. Not a hope in hell. 5 years symptom/inhaler free before they will look at you.

    HOWEVER...are you sure it is Asthma. Have you seen a specialist rather than a GP? GP's are quick to diagnose Asthma when it could be a simple allergy that can be controlled without the need for an inhaler. This happened to me whilst serving and almost cost me a career.

    I still had to wait 5 years of being symptom free before they would have me back though, but I have not needed an inhaler since as I know what causes my allergy and its easy to control.
  13. As I'm replying to your query via the medium of the internet, that makes me an expert on all things, including medical issues.

    You do not have asthma, you have lung cancer.
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