Discussion in 'Juniors' started by JasonCrawford, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. They'll probably figure it out due to your lack of admin (a common problem amongst adult sufferers) or when you start howling at the moon or something equally wacky.
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  2. If it's real then tell them, if it's an exagerated SEN that was wangled to excuse your academic failings and there's nothing really wrong with you that a good slap should have cured years ago then say nothing.

    If you are on Ritalin I would forget it, being hyped up on what is effectively synthetic cocaine around weapons is a no no, plus you will be an addict by now if you have been on it for some years.
  3. [wah visor up]

    Tell them. Yes they will find out eventually so best they find out early on. Ask them if you can join and see what they say.

    It's important you tell all employers about medical conditions. If an accident occurred and they found out you had a medical condition you didn't tell them about, they would their damnedest to pin the accident on it, and get you in all sorts of shit.
    [wah visor down]


    PS if you wanted to keep it secret it might have been an idea to be a bit more anonymous. Is your name Jason Crawford by any chance?
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  4. Don't listen to this knobber as he has never been through the doors of a recruiting office, a re-enactor did let him hold a real Bren gun once though at Abingdon Airshow.
  5. What the **** are you on about? By the sounds though of it you are the best one to give advice, you probably have ADHD yourself.
  6. They let the other 99.999999999999% of the TA in no problem.
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  7. I think he's inferring that the closest you've come to the military is tasting a cadet's penis.
  8. Best to come clean mate, it all comes out in the wash.

    If you can do the job, you'll get support if you need it, if you can't then take it on the chin it ain't for you.

    Hope that's clear.
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  9. that if you can do the job fine.
    if your a bit special officaly they wont take you.
    they have another issues wth the apprantly normal members of hm forces
  10. Most people in the Army are actually likely to have some sort of non-diagnosed disorder... dyslexia is supposed to be massive.
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  11. I thought ADHD was made up to cover kids with a lack of personal discipline, who stayed up all night playing computer games and not learning how to interact with others?
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  12. It's sometimes referred to by it's other name - laziness.
  13. Or bad parenting.
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