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I am currently a student in my last year of study, and once Ive sorted out where Im going to live I hope to join whichever TA unit is nearest. I was wondering what the chances are of getting sent out to Afghanistan (I know the army is going to be there for a while a la Northern Ireland) if you are in the TA? I know this all depends on what unit you are in etc, but I was wondering if anyone had been out to Afghanistan on here who is in the TA? Any info would be great. Thanks, Tom


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Having taken the pecautionary wah (NSN 01102233) I proceed with the caution required

Plenty of TA in Afghanistan and Iraq
Why don't you wait until you join and then decide if you want to go on a tour
Join the Paras Marines or line Infantry as a regular you'll get your wish then
Im studying Politics and History (highly useful for military life I know!). How long does a tour tend to last?? And what other regions are TA often sent out on tour to? Thanks
You could very easily find yourself spending periods of up to 36 hours in far flung places such as: Longmoor, Thetford, Salisbury Plain, Otterburn, Sennybridge etc etc. :D


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The TA aren't currently sending people to war against their will (although don't think they couldn't or wouldn't, if they needed to). However, if you want to go, there are plenty of oppurtunities every 6 months.

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