TA and A-Levels?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Empty_Vacuum, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Hello all!

    I know I posted a while back on joining the TA but I was told by my local unit to come back in September. It is now September, as I'm sure most of you are aware, and a few questions have arisen. Now due to my age I can't actually start my training until January. Now 9 weekends basic training (I assume I'm correct) will plonk me right into the middle of my exam period, thats assuming it's ever other weekend. So I could do with some advise into how accomodating and understanding the TA is around full time students and their exams? Does anyone have any experience with dealing with a-levels and being a reservist or know of any cases of such?

    It's just I'm really eager on joining up now but I can't afford to screw up my studies. My Army Officer Careers Advisor said the TA would prove great experience, especially in building my personal qualities. My head of sixth form also believes it would prove an invaluable experience but is sceptical of me being able to balance both aspects of my life, due to his lack of knowledge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and don't worry I will also ring up my local unit (again).
  2. Shouldn't be a problem. Weekends don't interfere but camps may be a problem as they tend to be in term time, as cadets get their camps during school hold. I was able to fit in recruit courses into hold but that was years ago
  3. You've got the exact same problem as me mate. Starting college tommorow and can't join my local unit until January because of my birthday. From what I've heard/been told it shouldn't be too much of a problem, and units are very lenient regarding students and their exams.

    Depending on where you live, you might want to look at the TA Summer Challenge. It's 4-7 weeks (varies because different areas run different courses) during the summer holidays; it's basically designed for students.

  4. I did look into the 'Summer Challenge' route but the problem is that it starts right when my exams start and on top of that I plan on going off to uni and so wouldn't exactly be fair on my unit to show up for the paperwork and then transfer/attend a local unit for parade nights.
  5. It stopped me deploying with my unit but i done shamrock challange in 38x RTC in 09 rather than the weekends it really one of the best options if you are a full time student during a levels.

    it normaly runs end of july start of september depending on your role.
  6. Ah I do believe my local unit took part in the 'Saxon Challenge' which was 4 weeks but what would I be doing up until then? Would I actually be able to train on drill nights up until the start date or would I be told to just come back in 'x' months?
  7. There's a mod on here who did this back in the late 80s, & he did OK. I've stopped offering advice on here as I left the mob in 2006, but I'd really suggest you reconsider.

    The TA now is way, way more serious than in 1989 or even when I left the Army four years ago. IMHO concentrate on the A-Levels & if you need to work off some steam then get into some sports, adventurous training etc which you can then organise around your studies rather than vice-versa.

    To be quite frank if you are keen on a career in the Forces then why not try something radically different until you join up? Your life after school/university will belong to to the mob you join & with the current operational tempo and all the demands of military life you may well regret not taking the chance to develop an interest in contemporary darrrnce, amateur dramatics, pottery, learning a language, or just top-quality shagging when you could you are on your umpteenth tour of Dumbfuckistan.

    Just the thoughts of a wee-smelling oldie. I will retire behind my Daily Telegrah now.
  8. What unit do you intend to join?

    Just out of interest..
  9. A levels will get you into uni
    having the TA on your CV wont
  10. Of course A-levels will get me in, that goes without saying, but having the TA on my personal statement would surely also make me more attractive to a university? And the question I'm looking to get answered is how flexible are the TA with students and how likely is it to affect my studies?
  11. TA and 6th Form aren't mutually exclusive but you've got to be careful. A levels HAVE to come first, no matter how much you commit yourself to the TA. I got it wrong. Even after an extra year, I ended up with crap grades.

    You also have to consider the next step. If you go to university, your degree has to come first. I got that wrong, too. Even after... you get the point?

    The TA will usually be supportive, accepting that you'll need to miss stuff to get on with your education. But you won't get a tick in the box unless you're there, so if courses, Camps and so on don't get done, you'll be marking time in the lower echelons of military training. Depending on your unit, you may be able to do this stuff with somebody else if your own unit's dates don't suit, but it's an added complication.

    Before finally deciding which unit to join, find out when they tend to have Camp and whether sub-units attend Camp on different dates.
  12. Not really, most of my tutors were anti war and didnt like the armed forces one bit.
    2 week camp is nearly always in term time, you may find you have to do other 2 week courses on your own but most things army stop over the summer as the regs have leave.
  13. Why not join the UOTC once at UNI, this will fit round your studies and you will be with like minded people!!
  14. Get your qualifications first, the TA can wait (& it will save them some training) and that goes for all qualifications not just Uni degrees but Diplomas, C & G's etc. (does C&G still exist these days or are they called something else??)