Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cherryhamblin, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. I am intrested in hearing from TA AMS particularly those who work in the NHS to share experiences before i decide whether or not to join.
  2. You'll probably get more useful replies if you let everyone know what kind of experiences you're hoping to hear about. What drill nights involve? What chances you have of mobilisation? Whether your experience working in the NHS will benefit you in your TA career, or whether you'll have to start from scratch? What role you'll have within the AMS?

    I'm not AMS so I can't offer any advice I'm afraid. However, if you do work for the NHS, you may like to try something different within the TA. Have a think about trying something new. Many people find doing something completely unrelated to their civvie career very refreshing!
  3. And which profession are you?
  4. Also the area you live may help the right people give you advice on which unit to join :roll:
  5. I was a regular CMT for22 years now ambulance service and i live in hants sorry for the vagueness
  6. Why not have a think about 4626 (Aeromedical Evacuation) Sqn RAuxAF down at lyneham? They recruit up to age 55 with previous mil. experience.