TA AMS (another boring FF troll)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Filbert Fox, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. exactly, volunteers in the eyes of civ div do it for free.

    'Lesbian, Gay & Transgender Issues', bound to be a few TA types in there, so in reality you are being represented! :wink:
  2. FF, The correct abbreviation for Army Medical Services is AMS not TA.... silly boy
  3. and FF, I'd add, your experience of TA AMS has somewhat skewed your view of the whole - so far that everytime you voice an opinion about the TA you sound like an ignorant w@nker. Being honest.
  4. wow Friday afternoon and still biting!!
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Some of the Orgs there are certainly paid - even Hobby Bobbies get expenses - and I would hav though that at least the Cadets should get a look-in, as they take Yoofs off the street a couple of evenings a week.

    I'm pretty sure it's a simple case of PC-ness. After all, it doesn't say 'Year of the Unpaid Volunteer' anywhere, does it?

    Link is:


    Sorry, should have added this earlier.
  6. There is a form for giving feed-back on the web-site.

    Without knowing the details of all the other organisations (and whether any of them pay beyond expenses), the money thing would still be my first guess.

    Second guess would be that (in the eyes of whoever designed the site) far too many willing people would be excluded (on age or medical grounds etc). And yes, I realise this probably applies to a few other things that are up there.
  7. Wow Sunday morning and you still look like a tube.

    Spouting something derogatory about the TA and then yelling "bite" when someone responds was boring months ago.
  8. my faith in the TA was restored two weeks ago when I attended a Tri-Service, Regular and Reservist Convention, a TA female turned up, no belt, no beret, no rank slide, shoulder length hair worn down and black heeled boots on in what uniform she did bring with her.
    Absolute class!!
  9. And there are no mongs in the regulars?

    I rest my case
  10. msr

    msr LE

    I trust you took her aside for a quiet word.

  11. Excepting Desert boots what colour should heels on military boots be?Unless we're talking something involving stillettoes? :lol:
  12. the heels were about 3 inches, the boots had a nice square toe effect, very military. :D
  13. yes loads, however, out of the 79 personnel who were Tri-service, regular and reservist, rank ranged LCpl to Gp Capt, all but the one were impeccably turned out, unfortunately that one person was commented on by all.
    She did give us all a laugh though, during one of the open forum discussions, which was about how individuals saw differences in the way the Regs and TA were treated, she said that she thought it was unfair in the way that she and 5 others (all the JRs) were segregated from the rest by having to dine in the JRs cookhouse rather than with the others in the messes.

    I like to have a bit of banter and a wind up about the state of the TA, but to be honest, their turn out is usually better than a fair few Regs when we deploy.
  14. Stop equating the TA AMS with the TA proper. Poles apart. Much like the Reg AMS and Army proper.

    So which part of the med services was she from?
  15. Ah! Yeomanry.